Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 10 Widely-Believed Animal Facts (That Are Completely Wrong)

Original source : http://www.toptenz.net 
Posted : December 2013
Author : by Jason Woodcock

Animals have fired our imagination like nothing else. We love hearing facts about them and spreading them around, an activity that has become altogether more easy since the arrival of the Internet. The problem is, some of those so-called facts aren’t really facts at all – they are myths, misconceptions, misunderstandings … whatever you want to call them. And since the animals themselves don’t seem in a particular rush to correct us, maybe it’s up to us to sort the fact from the fiction.

Monday, December 30, 2013

15 Future Technologies That Should Scare You

Original source : http://gizmopod.com
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Author : 

Lab Grown Meat
If you're wondering what you're actually eating at McDonald's, those questions may increase within the next ten years. Lab grown meat is a process that is constantly being developed and perfected. Scientists have grown their own beef and eggs, reaching edible stages.

Paul Walker’s Cause Of Death Revealed

Original source : http://www.inquisitr.com
Posted : December 2013
Author :

Since the tragic death of Paul Walker many have speculated the initial cause of his death. Now it’s being reported that the L.A. County Coroner’s Office has completed their examination via dental records for both Walker, and his friend, Roger Rodas, who was driving the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Famous-Personality Deaths Of 2013

Original source : http://www.chacha.com
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Author : 

There were many famous-personality deaths in 2013 and we only have room to talk about a few of them. Let's celebrate their lives and achievements and remember them fondly.

Famous Characters And Their Creators

Original source : http://www.junkboulevard.com
Posted : May 2012
Author : Junk

Here are some of your favorite characters with their creators.

Jim Henson and Kermit

Top Ten Tips For An Enjoyable Vacation

Original source : http://www.totallytop10.com
Posted : February 2013
Author : Kelli Cooper

Finding time to get away from the daily routine is important for our mental and physical well-being. A vacation is one of the best ways to accomplish this. As a frequent traveler, I would like to share my top tips for planning a trip and having a great time once you get to your destination.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The 7 Worst Restaurant Foods In America

Original source : http://www.sparkpeople.com
Posted :June 2010
Author : Tanya Jolliffe

We all enjoy eating away from home from time to time and try to make smart choices when we do. Sometimes we sabotage all our best efforts and give in to a moment of weakness. The more you know about diet friendly dining when you are eating food on the run the more you will be able to resist temptation. Recently Eat This, Not That outlined the 20 Worst Restaurant Foods in America. Here are seven you should avoid if at all possible.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Top 10 Stunning Forced Perspective Photos

Original source : http://www.totallytop10.com
Posted : September 2010
Author : LeTune

Forced perspective is a technique often used in commercial photography, film making and other artistry. But what happens when this method to employ optical illusions is practiced by the common man or woman? Here are ten excellent examples of forced perspective photography, taken by tourists, beach visitors, bored teenagers and other vagabonds.
Sunset Oil

8 Celebrities You Wouldn’t Want To Work With

Original source : http://www.celebzen.com
Posted : November 2013
Author :

Making a movie can be a very stressful undertaking. Sometimes people lose their temper and other times some actors are just plain nasty to play with. If you ever make it to Hollywood, you may want to think twice before working with this list artistes.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Top 10 Dumbest Orders In Military History

Original source : http://www.toptenz.net
Posted : December 2011
Author : Dustin Koski

Obviously, soldiers have amongst the most dangerous jobs in the world. When it’s not the enemy, friendly fire, weather, or disease that gets them, their commanding officers step in to endanger them through stupidity.
Now imagine being one of the soldiers under the commanders who ordered things this stupid:

5 Shocking Criminal Charges Celebrities Were Hiding

Original source : http://www.celebzen.com
Posted : December 2013
Author : 

Okay, so some of our favorite celebrities are not whiter than white and with a seemingly ever present mix of alcohol-related incidents and drug-fuelled parties that end in tears, is it any wonder that some famous faces hold rap sheets as long as their arms? Let’s take a look at five shocking criminal charges that will make you cringe.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How the Bond Actors Look Now

Original source : http://www.junkboulevard.com
Posted : May 2012
Author :

The current photos of all the actors that ever played the famous British Secret Service agent are compared with their images from the movies.

Top 10 Animals (and One Plant) That Can Eat Living Things In One Bite

Original source : http://www.toptenz.net
Posted : August 2013
Author : Karl Smallwood

Animals eat other animals to survive; that’s nature. It’s cruel, but it’s necessary to the continued balance of the animal kingdom. However, some animals seemingly just to prove that nature will always find a way to freak us out, have a tendency to eat their prey whole and fully aware that it is about to spend the rest of its life staring at a wet wall of muscle. Here are the top ten animals that do exactly that, starting with …

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Renault Twizy – Urban Electric Vehicle

Original source : http://woondu.com
Posted :
Author :

A 17bhp electric car designed to offer practical urban transport. The Renault Twizy is fun to drive in town, and gets lots of attention from passers by. The cabin is completely open to the elements, and there’s a distinct shortage of storage space, equipment and security measures. The Twizy has a maximum range of 100 km (62 mi). Prices starting at €6,990 up to €8,490. The heavy quadricycle-classed Urban 80 model features a 13 kW (17 hp) electric motor and can drive up to 80 km/h (50 mph).

Monday, December 23, 2013

Top 10 Weirdest Spa Treatments

Original source : http://www.toptenz.net 
Posted : August 2013
Author :(guest author)

Below is a list of the 10 weirdest spa treatments that we have ever encountered. We thought these were important because you just never know what you might be in the mood for the next time you find yourself looking for a great, or at least interesting, way to relax and rejuvenate. This list is not for the squeamish, because some of these are downright scary.

8 Movie Heroes You Didn’t Realise Probably Died Horrible Deaths

Original source : http://whatculture.com
Posted : March 2013
Author : T.J. Bernard

Having invested both time and money in a trip to the movies, there’s arguably no better reward for all your efforts than to be given the chance to watch the main hero secure their dreams, rescue the girl, and save the day. Because when they succeed, it makes us feel good, and that - fundamentally - is what we like to take from our blockbusters, isn’t it? As effective as it often is, nobody really enjoys watching a good movie protagonist meet their end at the hands of a villain. Sure, sometimes there’s absolutely no way for a character to survive a preposterous set of events without it seeming silly, and a self-sacrifice can be a great way to imbue a character with a dose of added coolness. But generally speaking, we like ‘em to survive. And when they do, it’s great. Unless, of course, there’s something that the movie isn’t telling you.
Yes, caught up in the happiness of a heroic finale, there’s a seriously good chance you might’ve missed some important (and dooming) implications contained in the 8 movies we’ve assembled here. Like, um, how that happy ending wasn’t so happy after all, and that the hero probably died horribly whilst the closing credits obnoxiously obscured your view…

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Top 10 Weirdest Statues On The Planet

Original source : http://www.toptenz.net
Posted : August 2013
Author : Mike Floorwalker

People have been building statues since time immemorial. The Colossus at Rhodes, the Statue of Liberty- throughout the ages, we’ve been driven to build gigantic monuments to ourselves, and many of these have become iconic symbols of humankind’s artistry. Then, there are these. For your careful consideration and endless bewilderment, here are a selection of statues from around the world that we can’t for the life of us figure out the thought process behind.

Russian Special Forces: Trials Not Everyone Will Endure

Original source : http://en.ria.ru
Posted :
Author :

On October 24, Russia’s security-related agencies celebrate their professional holiday. When we talk about the Special Forces (commandos), we typically call to mind the well-known Latin phrase: “Mens sana in corpore sano.”

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Town Bans Bottled Water

Original source : http://pigjockey.com
Posted : July 2009
Author : Ben Goulding

A small town in south-east Australia has become the first place in the world to ban bottled water. The people of Bundanoon, located in New South Wales have voted overwhelmingly in favor of the ban at a public meeting, with 398 out of the 400 people at the gathering wanting bottled water to be banned in the town. The community realized they needed to act when Norlex Holdings, a drinks company, unveiled plans to tap an underground reservoir in the town, transport the water to Sydney (some 150 km away) and then send it back bottled.

5 Strange Indicators Of You Being Vitamin Deficient

Original source : http://researchonmedical.com
Posted : April 2013
Author :

Your body can go to strange lengths in trying to tell you something - for example, that you’re skimping on critical vitamins. In this era of a diet in the form of processed foods it is not very difficult to become vitamin-deficient, either by not eating enough of the right foods or not absorbing them properly due to digestive issues. Deficiency of vitamins in your body may not make you sick, but you can end up with impaired functioning, because vitamins are catalysts and ingredients for all the biochemical reactions in the body. We need them in order to function properly. This impaired functioning can sometimes manifest in mysterious ways. Here are five unusual warning signs that you may be vitamin-deficient. The good news: Most are fixable with dietary measures - all the more reason to make nutrition a top priority. But if food cures don’t work, be sure to consult your doctor.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Can The Right Clothes Impress Girls and Intimidate Men?

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Comic Comparison – America vs Japan

Original source : http://www.junkboulevard.com
Posted : August 2011
Author : Junk

Fun comic introducing some curious differences between the Japanese and the Americans. I’m sure it was created by someone from Japan.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

5 Strange Shoe Designs

Original source : http://www.funcage.com
Posted : December 2011
Author : Miscelleana Rhinehart

There are so many different ways to get around in this world. Car, bicycle, train, bus and, especially, the shoes on your feet. But what happens when the shoes on your feet aren’t that comfortable, Dr. Scholls shoes that you would wear working eight hours a day. Got something funky to put on your feet? What about one of these?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Top 20 Coolest Taxis In The World

Original source : http://www.sub5zero.com
Posted : August 2012
Author : 

Long before the advent of the internal combustion engine, someone came up with the idea of using a wheeled vehicle to carry people to where they wanted to go in exchange for money or some other form of payment. But if you ask us, it wasn’t until the dawn of the automobile and its first use as wheels-for-hire that the taxi truly came of age. Today, motorized cabs are pretty much a part of the scenery in every major city on earth. Unfortunately, the vast majority of taxis are based on plain, unexciting vehicles possessing as much soul as a washing machine filled with soybeans. However, if you want your fare to buy some flair, there are some decidedly enticing options out there. Not convinced? Check out these 20 cool cabs and get back to us.

5 Surprisingly Fast Classics

Original source : http://www.foxnews.com
Posted : September 2013
Author : Rob Sass

Call them sleepers. There are some cars out there that are a hell of a lot faster than they look and capable of giving genuine comeuppance to the drivers of other more obvious performance cars. Here are five of our favorites over the years:

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

10 Most Expensive Hamburgers In The World

Original source : http://www.buzzfeed.com
Posted : July 2012
Author : Stacy Lambe

Prepare to max out your credit cards in order to enjoy these burgers.

Sealander Amphibious Camping Trailer

Original source : http://hiconsumption.com
Posted : November 2013
Author : Sam Jordan

If James Bond went camping, this might be his rig of choice. The Sealander starts off all normal-like, being towed by your SUV along the countryside, looking for a nice little lakeside nook to settle into and listen to some Carly Simon with a bottle of Pinot Noir or something. But then, faster than you can say… well, OK, spell amphibious, the Sealander is ready for water exploration. 

4 Ancient Sea Monsters Still Alive Today

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Things Cut In Half

Original source : http://cavemancircus.com 
Posted : November 2013 
Author : 

Sometimes we're curious to know how things are, how they work. With modern technology, the curiosity is a thing of the past. We can now see cutaways of things that we have not seen before. Take a look at these examples...
Shanxi Chinese Type 17 handgun, .45 ACP

Top 20 Driving Shoes In The World

Original source : http://www.sub5zero.com
Posted : September 2012
Author :

While a person’s arms and hands are heavily involved in the process of driving a car in that they handle steering and changing gears, these upper extremities don’t deserve all the glory. After all, without legs and feet to work the gas, brake and – when applicable – clutch pedals (as well as occasionally provide bracing for the driver’s body under heavy braking or cornering loads), you’d just be able to adjust the angle of the front wheels and stir the gears in the transmission. Yes, there are modifications available for folks without usable limbs south of the equator, but the overwhelming majority of automobiles in their natural states demand operators with paws up high and down low. So it’s no surprise that since the feet are tasked with such critical tasks as telling the car to go and stop, there are literally thousands of styles of shoes on the market that profess to provide optimum comfort, maneuverability, tactile feedback (e.g. letting the driver feel the brakes starting to lock up, or the clutch approaching the verge of its bite point) for their wearers. But which articles of motoring footwear are among the elite? Find out here...

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Most Expensive Mercedes-Benz

Original source : http://www.funcage.com
Posted : December 2011
Author : max4u

This supercar is owned by a Swiss businessman Ueli Anliker and is called “Anliker McLaren SLR 999 Red Gold Dream”. The wheels and headlights are made of 24 carat gold beautifully painted in 25 layers of red paint with 5 kg of gold dust worked into it. The 5.4 litre engine has power boosted from 640 bhp to 999 bhp which gives the top speed of 210 mph (340 km/h).

Best Getaway Vehicles For Pulling A Heist

Original source : http://www.sub5zero.com
Posted : September 2010
Author :

Last week, the German Motoring program GRIP asked the very important question: What’s the best getaway car for a robbery? They only pitted 3 cars against each other, trying to escape the police, who were driving a BMW 135i. It was a good question, because a key element to any heist is the getaway vehicle. Will you need a van, or will a Mazda Miata suffice? What if the cops show up? We thought it would be more fun to show you the 10 cars we consider contenders for “Best Heist Vehicle.” And because every “job” is different, every car excels in a different way. But whether you’re stealing diamonds from a sheik in the desert or stealing gold bullion from Edward Norton, we’ve got a car to suit your criminal needs.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Mayor Berates Firefighters For Grocery Shopping On Duty, Mayor Forgets He Is “On The Clock” While Shopping Also

Original source : http://callthecops.net 
Posted : November 2013 
Author : RJ Beam

Every shift at the East Hamphill firehouse starts off the same, everyone on shift is assigned house duties for day. For each 24 hour-long shift everyone has tasks to complete, and for two people that task is cooking. Each day the people assigned to cook, pick their menu; create a shopping list and then head to the grocery store.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

NAIAS – 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Unveiled At Detroit

Original source : http://www.nitrobahn.com
Posted : January 2013
Author : Antony Marceles

After a long seven-year wait, General Motors has finally unveiled the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, which will be the seventh iteration of the classic all-American sports car. This new version Chevrolet Corvette will retain the iconic two-door hatchback shape of the Corvette, while coming equipped with an all-new aluminum frame structure that is 57-percent stiffer, and 99 pounds lighter than the current frame.

Top 10 Electric Cars From The Frankfurt Auto Show

Original source : http://www.nitrobahn.com
Posted : September 2009
Author : 

The spotlight of 2009’s Frankfurt auto show was the latest breed of electric cars. Most of the car manufacturers, including the big fishes and small ones of the industry displayed at least one electric vehicle on their part. Some of them concepts, while others nearing production, but both pointed towards a bright future for electric-fuel cars. The best of the lot are the following ones mentioned below:

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sony, Panasonic Team Up To Develop 300GB Optical Disc

Original source : http://www.panarmenian.net
Posted : July 2013
Author :

Sony and Panasonic are teaming up to develop a standard for professional-level optical drives. Ultimately, the duo hope to release a 300GB optical drive by the end of 2015, PCMag.com reports. The durable optical disc - dust-and-water-proof, resistant to changing temperatures and humidity - is ideal for a long-term storage tool. Sony and Panasonic plan to market the new disc format to businesses looking to store hefty amounts of data for long periods of time.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Top 9 Actors Who Turned Down Memorable Movie Roles

Original source : http://uniquedaily.com 
Posted : April 2011
Author : 

“Chances are if you turn down a job you later regret, not too many people are going to beat you up over it. After all, your friends and family will probably be too busy consoling you and trying to cheer you up to make fun of you. But movie stars don’t quite have that luxury. When they turn down a role only to see some other actor turn it into something iconic, the whole world gets to know about it. Sure, their loved ones are probably just as sympathetic as yours would be, but unfortunately for them, we’re not their loved ones and, so we don’t mind reminding these nine actors and the whole world just what a giant mistake they made, and we don’t mind asking the question that is probably on their minds every day: "just what would that movie have been like had they not turned it down?"

Top 10 Insanely Advanced Pieces Of Nazi Wartime Equipment

Original source : http://dailyzim.com
Posted : May 2013
Author : ?

As much of the world not liking them, the Nazis did give the world some of its most badass and awesome inventions of war. Since they basically gave scientists free reign to do whatever they wanted in the name of invent new ways to kill people, we’ve been blessed with things like the following:

Monday, December 9, 2013

Things You Should Check Before You Take Your Car For A Long Drive

Original source : http://gsmtweet.com
Posted : December 2013
Author :

Are you planning on taking a long drive in the near future? If so, one of the worst things you can do is set off without checking your vehicle. So many people do this and they live to regret it when they experience a problem on the road which halts their trip substantially. To guarantee that this does not happen to you, keep on reading to discover the things you should check before you take your car for a long drive…

Retired Dentist Creates Functional Miniature Airplane Models

Original source : http://www.odditycentral.com
Posted : October 2011
Author : Spooky

Young C Park, a retired dentist from Honolulu, Hawaii, spends thousands of hours painstakingly working on fully functional models of famous fighter planes. Every little part of Mr. Park’s planes is a miniature replica of the original. He spends hours on end manipulating aluminum into chains, cable and hinges for his creations and doesn’t leave his workstation until every part is up to his high standards. It might seem a little extreme considering we’re talking about models, but the 77-year-old retired dentist is very passionate about his planes and always aims to execute perfect replicas of the machines that have fascinated him throughout his life. His 1/16 scale models have retracting landing gear and working controls, but the levers are so tiny you need fine tweezers to operate them.

Top 10 – World’s Most Spectacular Roads To Drive On

Original source : http://www.nitrobahn.com
Posted : August 2009
Author : 

Going for a road trip is an excellent way to enjoy vacations. There are many roads that can provide one with an opportunity to see natures very best, undiluted landscape while enjoying the pleasure of driving along. Given below are few of the world’s best roads to drive that could give one a life time full of memory.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Top 3 Beaches Of Malaysia

Original source : http://www.ftnnews.com
Posted : July 2013
By : Ozgur Tore

According to a survey conducted by renowned international news network CNN on the World’s 100 best beaches, three beaches in Malaysia made it to the top 50. The three beaches are Tanjung Rhu in Langkawi, Kedah (ranked at No.49), Juara Beach in Tioman Island, Pahang (ranked at No.21), and Perhentian Kecil island, Terengganu (ranked at No.13).

How Many Cups In A Quart; And Other Water Conversions

Original source : http://gsmtweet.com
Posted : November 2013
Author : Fergie McLachaln

Conversions of liquid measurements are tricky. In the United States, we have numerous ways for measuring liquid, and they don’t match up very easily or very gracefully. For something as simple as measuring liquid, it’s a remarkably complex and obtuse system. On top of that, the rest of the world measures liquid differently, using a metric system, which requires a whole different set of conversions to get to from the American system.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Top Ten Dates On A Budget

Original source : http://listphobia.com
Posted : January 2012 (?)
Author : Anam Ameen

The recession has effected love. People have stopped going out and thanks to television everyone has super high expectations of romance. When a new relationship is blossoming the couple would want to meet each other all the time. However going out all the time gets quite expensive and if you want to impress that someone, the best offer would be ones that are free or pretty cheap. So here are ten ways to impress a girl and you don’t have to scrimp on ideas. If you're high on love but short on cash these places are fun and wont make a dent in your wallet.

Best Nasi Campur in KL

Original source : http://www.hungrygowhere.my
Posted : October 2013
Author : Alice Yong

A hearty offering that hits the spot while staying wallet-friendly, no wonder nasi campur has enduring appeal - Alice Yong
Every true-blue Malaysian would have subsisted on nasi campur at one time or another. For the average wage earner living and working in urban areas, this budget-friendly meal is a godsend. Nasi campur’s enduring appeal among the masses can be attributed to its easy availability. Stalls that offer this humble offering abound in almost every nook and cranny throughout the country. Plus there’s always something for everyone. You’d invariably find some lauk pauk – homespun servings of fish, meat and vegetables in the form of curries, stir-fries, salads, stews, gravy-based dishes or deep-fried items – to suit your palate and mood on any given day.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Most Powerful Engines (31 photos)

Original source : http://klyker.com 
Posted : November 2013

A cutaway of V6 engine
A photo collection of 31 massively powerful engines that we probably had not had the chance to see before; some are really gigantic and impressive.

10 Fun Facts About Mercedes-Benz

Original source : http://anvor.info

We’ve all heard a lot about the Mercedes-benz … However the following information were hardly made known to anyone:

Common Injuries Sustained By Children While Playing

Original source : http://researchonmedical.com
Posted : May 2013

It is important to help your child become more physically active and involved in playing sports. It is also important to become more aware of the most common injuries children receive while playing sports.
Here is an account of common injuries that children sustain while playing sports:

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Top 10 Diseases With Unexpected Benefits

Original source : http://dailyzim.com

From a very early age, we learn that optimism is the key to happiness. Unfortunately, when people catch a disease, especially an incurable one, they tend to lose their optimism and fall into depression, and this only aggravates their condition. Even though this attitude is perfectly explainable, as being ill is the essence of human suffering, one should remember that there is no bad without good.
To prove this point, here is a list of 10 diseases with surprising benefits for those who suffer from it.

10 Men’s Fashion-Fails According To Women

Original source : http://anvor.info

After the boys have got an opportunity to criticize the women’s faux pas in the clothes, the girls decided to speak out in the other direction. If a woman speaks on the topic “What I do not like the style of N.” and cannot stop. Internet – dimensionless, but the brains of our readers – no. By doing a difficult job to weed out the backlog of 38 points, we present the result.
Guys, you should think about your relationship with fashion, if you wear:

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