Friday, February 21, 2014

10 Strange And Wonderful Valentine’s Day Traditions From Around The World

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Posted : February 2013
Author : Noreen

1. Japan
In this part of the World, it’s all about spoiling your man on Valentine’s day and not the other way around like in most Western cultures. Japanese women are usually said to be reserved and shy when it comes to expressing their affections with lovey-dovey gestures. However, on this day, the women are in the forefront presenting the men (and sometimes even female friends) in their lives gifts (mostly chocolates), to express either their love, courtesy or social obligation.

SH House By Baksvanwengerden Architects

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Amsterdam-based BaksvanWengerden Architecten were commissioned to renovate and enlarge a single-family house in the Netherlands. The SH House dates back to 1932, the owners wanted to renovate the original interior that was very dark and enclosed. The architects removed the internal partitions and created an open floor plan which extends towards the garden. Beautiful fusion of classic with contemporary.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

7 Unsolved Mysteries Of Space

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Are We Alone?
SETI – Radio Telescope
Radio telescopes have been scanning the regions of space since 1977. We are yet to receive signals that points to a communication from intelligent life. There are 60 million potentially habitable planets in our Milky way alone. And there are billions of galaxies in the known universe.

Top 10 Strangest Hotels In The World

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Posted : August 2009
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The world is full of strange places, so why not strange hotels? You will not likely find any of these in the most recommended section of even the best hotel portals as they are not for the average traveller.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Paul Walker’s Car Collection

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Author : the staff

The original Fast & Furious film hit the big screen when we were high school students, really opening us up to the automotive scene as young teenagers. We’ve always been huge fans of Paul Walker’s role in the films, and like many fans out there, his death really hit home for us.

It's All In The Genes

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Posted : August 2011
Author : 2dives

Splitting family members' faces in half and then melding them together, interesting new people are created.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

10 Tips About Trigger Digits

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Posted : October 2013
Author : The admin

When you have a trigger digit it gets locked in a flexed position and you are unable to unlock and extend it except by pulling it with the other hand. This triggering of the finger or thumb is a common problem, which can lead to a significant disability resulting in loss of hand function and the performance of routine activities. A similar condition may also affect children but in much less frequency.

Why The Toilet Is Sometimes Called A “John”

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Posted : August 2010
Author : Daven Hiskey

The term is thought to derive from Sir John Harrington or, at the least, to have been popularized due to Harrington. (There are a few references of the toilet being called “Cousin John”, as well as many references to it being called “Jake” and other such generic names, before Harrington was born; but it is generally agreed that why we now call it “John” is because of Harrington and not from the old “Cousin John”).

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