Saturday, May 3, 2014

10 Most Controversial Business In The World

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Author : Ejaz Khan

As world’s population increased disproportionally to the resources, a competition began between the races and more specifically between human beings. They compete for their rights, they compete for their food and they competed for wealth. In this competition, some illegal methods were used and that was the beginning of the controversial businesses around the world. It is a basic rule that whenever there are more people and few resources then there would be a competition between them for their rights, and in this competition many people follow a way that is relatively easier, but illegal. In present day society, when world has become a global village, there are many professions still present that you can say illegal. Below is a list of 10 Most Controversial Business with brief description.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Meet The Thermometer Man

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Posted : September 2010
Author : the admin

Thermometer Man is the perfect name for the 83-year-old Richard T. Porter. He has the biggest collection of thermometers, almost 5000 in different shapes and sizes. Before losing his daughter to a brain tumor he promised her to do something with his collection, and therefore he opened The Porter Thermometer Museum in the small village where he lives; Onset in Wareham Massachusetts.

Miraculous 'Bridge' Parts The Water At Top Tourist Attraction

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Posted : November 2011
Author : daily mail reporter

Jogging on water: The bridge was made using sustainable materials - the wood used is treated with a non-toxic coating that protects it from decay and erosion
Building a permanent bridge over the defensive moat of a 17th century fortress might send the wrong message to an invading army. So modern-day Dutch engineers have come up with a clever way of disguising the pathway - by building it under the moat's waterline. The West Brabant Water Line is a series of defensive fortresses, cities and waterways in Halsteren, the Netherlands. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

How Cold Is Too Cold For Exercising Outside?

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Posted : January 2014
Author : Kelly Dunleavy O’Mara

Use these tips to keep your outdoor winter workouts safe
As polar vortexes swept through the US and much of the Midwest found itself covered in snow, most people stayed indoors, figuring this must be too cold to run outside. In fact, though, research suggests that as long as it’s warmer than -18 degrees, it’s not too cold to work out — as long as you take the appropriate precautions.
“People, of course, have walked to the Poles,” said John Castellani, an exercise physiologist at the Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine. Castellani was co-chair of a study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine that found, “For the most part, cold-weather is not a barrier to performing physical activity.”

Food Pyramids Around The World

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Posted : April 2014
Author : Serusha Govender

Many countries use their own version of the "Food Pyramid" as a guide to healthy nutritional eating. The U.S. Food Pyramid may have gone the way of the dodo (in favor of the MyPlate option) but plenty of countries around the world are still actively using theirs to promote healthy eating guidelines for the public. A few countries do use an actual pyramid shape, similar to the American template but with a few bells and whistles added to reflect local food tastes. Other countries have thrown it out for something completely new and more reflective of the local culture.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dominican Republic Residence by A-Cero Architects

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Author : the admin

Located in a dream location, more precisely in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic this project was designed by Spanish architect Joaquin Torres of the studio A-cero. The result is a stunning harmony between the idyllic landscape, and the simple and bright materials used both inside, and outside.

Top 10 Tips To Avoid Diabetes And Other Related Diseases

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Posted : March 2014
Author : TT10

Studies suggest that diabetes is one of the most life-threatening health conditions worldwide, especially in developed countries, because it may cause a wide range of other issues like kidney failure, eye damage, heart problem, and many more. Diabetes, although may be hereditary, is now considered a lifestyle disease; and as such, many things can be done to control, if not totally prevent, its progression. Here are some tips to deal with diabetes some people may find useful.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

13 Everyday Habits That Are Aging You

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Author : Linda Melone

Are you aging faster than your years? If you don't like what you see in the mirror, it may be time to evaluate some of your daily routines. The foods you eat and even the way you sleep can add years to your face and may shorten your lifespan. Here, experts discuss the most common age-accelerating habits and ways to reverse the process.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Pistachios

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Posted : September 2013
Author : Kerry Acker

Move over, almonds and walnuts, there's a new superstar nut in town! With the California pistachio industry making a big push to turn more Americans on to the wonders of the creamy, buttery, heart-healthy nut (even Snoop Lion is on board, as well as Psy); worldwide consumption of pistachios skyrocketing (with China now the leading importer); and chefs using pistachios in ever more ambitious ways, it seems this humble tree nut is enjoying its moment in the sun. Here, five things you should know about the pistachio, plus loads of sweet and savory recipes:

10 Foods That Make You Smell

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Posted : February 2012
Author : the Daily Meal

You're sitting on a train that’s slightly warm, packed with passengers, and suddenly you get a whiff of "rotten egg" stench. Stop after stop, the crowd thins out, but that onerous odor remains. You search for the offender as subtly as you can, so you can find a seat in the opposite direction. As your head swivels, you’re hit with that stench again, so strong you could swear it was you. You nonchalantly dip your head down toward your underarm - wait a minute. It is you. But you didn't even work out today. And you took a shower this morning. And you’re wearing deodorant.
What you eat can directly affect how you smell, and in more ways than just your breath. Scientifically, this boils down to the way your body metabolizes the stinky sulfur compounds found in many foods like garlic, cumin, and asparagus. While smelling like garlic is not new (it is said to ward off both vampires and mosquitos), the stench of asparagus-tainted urine might not be quite as familiar and you may not have even realized that some of the foods on our list could have this effect on you. If you have a hot date, an interview, or plan to be out in public, you may want to keep these foods off the day’s menu. And if you can't, here are a few tricks to help deodorize nasty smells.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Top 10 Most Humiliating Sports Injuries

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Posted : January 2012
Author : Joseph Pickett

Sometimes some of the world’s finest athletes injure themselves in really humiliating and stupid ways. What’s a better way to have fun than to make fun of these famous people in their worst moments? Our top 10 is below.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

10 Of The Most Embarrassing And Awkward Breakups

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Posted : March 2012
Author : Zehra

We have all been in relationships and we have all lived through the down falls of them. To say that they are painful is to say the least but to add insult to the already throbbing injury is to have a publicly embarrassing breakup. It is not necessarily one side that suffers through such a break up but it is for sure just one person who gets insulted. It is one thing to tell someone you have had enough, it is a whole other thing to make a public debacle out of it leaving the other person ashamed. If you think you have seen enough or have dealt with enough, read this. We are sure what ever it was that you went through, it wasn’t worse than these.

Top 10: Nature’s Biggest And Baddest

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Posted : May 2010
Author : wmmattler

Kraken – The Colossal Squid, exaggerated?
Nature provides a wonderful array of flora and fauna and here at TT10, being the nature loving treehuggers that we are, decided to post a tribute to animal life by making this list of nature’s kick-ass killers and thrillers.

Old Photos Of Weird Artilleries In History

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Posted : February 2011
Author : the admin

Artillery in the war played an important role since it was invented, this heavy weapon can cause heavy loss to enemy. Below are the old photos of weird artilleries in history.

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