Monday, April 9, 2012

Icicles Of Brick

This abandoned Russian fortress would probably be one of the creepiest places you want to visit (provided you have the chance to).

Its strange and creepy looks were caused by tests conducted by the Russian army to study the effects of the napalm exploded within the brick installation. The explosion of the napalm produce extremely high temperature causing the bricks to actually melt like ice, forming icicles. Now that's creepy!......

Huh? US And British English To Collide At Olympics


LONDON (AP) - The lorry driver taking kit to the football pitch was so knackered he pulled into the lay-by near the petrol station for a quick kip.


For American readers, that translates as: "The truck driver delivering uniforms to the soccer field was so tired he pulled into the rest area near the gas station for a nap."

As George Bernard Shaw once observed, England and America are two countries divided by a common language. That trans-Atlantic linguistic divide will be magnified by Olympic proportions this summer when an estimated 250,000 Americans come to town for the London Games.

Sun-Drop Diamond – The World’s Largest Yellow Diamond

A 110-carat yellow jewel called the Sun Drop Diamond, thought the biggest of its kind in the world, sold for a record $10.9 million at Sotheby’s auction in Geneva. Including commission the unidentified telephone bidder paid almost $12.4 million for the gem, putting it within the $11 million to $15 million range Sotheby’s had estimated before the sale.

Child Actors: Then & Now

First Movie: Age 9. Playing the precocious ballet-loving Peyton Kelly opposite Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Disney's "The Game Plan." Now 14, Pettis rocked the red (actually, make that orange) carpet at the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. Pettis has become a formidable vocal actress, lending her talents to "Jake and the Never Land Pirates" and "Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2."

Sunday, April 8, 2012

15 Dumb Facts About Sharks

Tiger shark
Sharks are the vampire ninjas of the ocean. They are sleek! They are silent! They are deadly! Sharks make everything better. Tattoo of a shark on your chest? Cool. They called you “Shark” in prison? Super cool. You were attacked by a shark while surfing and that’s why you walk with a limp? Epically boss.

Great White? Hammerhead? Whale shark? What’s my favorite shark? Why don’t you ask me what is my favorite kind of chocolate cake? All of them.

Top 5 Fascinating Facts About Cheese

5. “Other” Cheese
Although most cheese is produced from cow, sheep, or goat’s milk, it can and has been made from a plethora of milk-producing animals. A farm in Bjurholm, Sweden actually makes moose cheese. The lactation period of moose is short, lasting from about June to August, and the farm, owned by Christer and Ulla Johansson, keeps three moose that produce only 300 kilograms of cheese per year. The moose cheese sells for roughly US$1000 per kilogram. Places in Russia also produce moose milk but have not had success with moose cheesemaking due to its high protein content.

Why You Should Never Put Your Picture On The Internet

This article has been around for quite some time. However its still fun to read/see and as reminder to us too. Let's take a look at these 12 pictures...

The original picture

Top 5 Mammals With Odd Defenses

5. Opossum
Everyone knows that “playing possum” means playing dead. The American opossum (Didelphis virginianus), found from Canada to Costa Rica, usually reacts to danger as many other mammals do; by hissing, growling and baring its teeth. It can also bite viciously if pushed too far. However, if this all fails and the situation becomes too dangerous, plan B is to feign death; the opossum collapses to the ground, drools as if it was very ill, and then remains motionless, with its mouth open and its teeth bared. It even produces a putrid, corpse-like smell from its anal glands – move over beaver ass juice.

Many predators prefer to kill their own prey and most will soon lose interest on an apparently dead animal, leaving the opossum alone. The most amazing thing about the opossum’s defensive method, is that it is not a conscious act; it is rather a physiological response to a highly stressful situation, and the animal does fall into a comatose state that can last for hours; usually, the opossum regains consciousness only after the enemy has left. Exactly how it’s body knows this, is still a mystery.

Georgetown, Penang in Pictures

Georgetown, Penang is a photographers haven. There’s just so much to see in this UNESCO World Heritage city. Here are just some of them:
Hainan Association Temple at Jalan Muntri: This is just one of those carvings that can be seen in this temple.

Georgetown, Penang – My First Impression

After being in Phuket Town for a few days, I must say that I really enjoyed walking around and just looking at old structures. And that experience made me look forward to visiting Georgetown. Our travel to Penand from Phuket already made a good first impression to me of Malaysia.

Upon arriving in Lebuh Chulia, Georgetown, we immediately walked around the area to look for accommodation. If you’re looking for some affordable accommodation in Georgetown, you could check out the hostels in Lebuh Chulia, Jalan Muntri and Love Lane. We found a good deal at W&O Cafe and Hostel for 25RM for a huge room upstairs. Rates vary and we got lucky because it was low season and we were able to talked to the owner and bargained for the room.

Top 5 Cutest Creatures Ever

5. Puffer Fish
These guys are quite cute at first, but once you startle them, you just want to poke them. This Family of fish (I couldn’t choose just one) is able to swallow water (or even air) quickly, so much so that they become spherical, scaring off predators. This often saves both of their lives, since most puffer fish species are poisonous. You should be safe as long as you don’t eat it, with proper preparation, it can be served as a dish (see Top 10 Poisonous Foods We Love To Eat – item 9). Not to be mistaken for their cousins, the porcupine fish (they are two separate families).
Fun Fact: Puffer fish have the smallest genomes in the vertebrate world.

Woman Sues Airline Over 'Extreme Turbulence'

By Joy Jernigan, senior travel editor

A Texas woman claims a rough airline flight has left her emotionally traumatized, on medication and in therapy. KCBD's Alex Butler reports.
A Texas woman is suing Continental Airlines and three other carriers over mental trauma she said she experienced during turbulence on a flight.

Colleen O'Neal of Lubbock, Texas, was flying from College Station to Houston on Oct. 29, 2009, when the flight hit extreme turbulence just minutes after takeoff, according to the lawsuit filed Tuesday in Harris County district court. Weather reports at the time of departure showed a threat of "tornados, wind shear, and dangerously strong winds with rotating and intense thunderstorms."

Nice Try, But You're Doing It Wrong

Something is definitely out of wack in these pictures, but you should be able to figure it out very quickly.

Top 5 Symbols Whose Origins Have Been Forgotten

5. Salute
The military salute is traditionally performed by touching the eyebrow with four fingers together. Roman soldiers are thought to have initiated the procedure as a sign of shielding their eyes from the great light of their superior officers. Knights may have used it to raise their helmets as an indication that they did not intend to fight. This theory is supported by the fact that the helmet on a suit of armor is called a “sallet,” very close to the word “salute.”

The so-called Roman salute, used in the 20th century as a symbol of Fascism, has no Roman record in discourse or art. In Germany, that salute is now prohibited, punishable by up to three years in prison.

An American Guide To British English For The London Olympics

By Wendy Carpenter

In 1882, Oscar Wilde wrote about Great Britain: "We have really everything in common with America nowadays except, of course, language." That still rings true today. So if you're one of the estimated 250,000 Americans going to the Olympics Games in London this summer, you might want to pack a dictionary - for English-to-English translations.

For example, "The lorry driver taking kit to the football pitch was so knackered he pulled into the lay-by near the petrol station for a quick kip," means this in the United States, according to the Associated Press:

The truck driver delivering uniforms to the soccer field was so tired he pulled into the rest area near the gas station for a nap.

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