Friday, February 1, 2013

The 10 Lamest Superheros

By Federico Lo Giudice
Superheroes are the defenders of the Earth in times of need, those people who are beyond regular humans and the embodiment of everything we hold dear, but even they go wrong sometimes. For whichever reasons, cultural, or on purpose, sometimes it’s not the bad guys who hurt society as a whole, but the heroes themselves. How, you ask? Oh, we don’t know… maybe by sucking so bad that readers can’t help but stop taking the industry seriously as a whole, or setting back social issues a couple decades.
“But Walyou!…” – might be thinking our dear readers – “you must be wrong! Superheroes are awesome and geeky, and they couldn’t possibly go wrong!!”. Fine, don’t believe us? Okay, see for yourselves. This is Walyou’s 10 Lamest Superheros list.

Architects Make the Most of Thin Spaces Using Skinny Buildings

Knowing Japan with limited land and space, architects had designed buidings to fit in within any available space there are. The concept is catching on in other countries as well. These designs are innovative and practical. Take a look at several of these:

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Top 5 Tips To Write Attention Grabbing Titles For Your Content

by Divya

In this article we shall discuss how to write effective titles for SEO (search engine optimization) content. These titles are different from the ones in regular blogs and general articles as they have to be easily findable on the search engines. Moreover, titles are vital to content writing because the reader decides to read only based on what he sees first. The title should let the reader know what we have in “store”, so that he can decide whether or not to read further.

6 Tallest Trees On Earth

North America’s northwestern coast seems to be a whole treasure trove when it comes to trees as most of the world’s tallest (and oldest) can be found here. We’ve focused on the world’s tallest, measured from top to bottom, rather than the stoutest trees, measured by girth. Lord of the Rings fans who love the Ents will enjoy this post!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top 10 Retro Cartoons Of The 80′s

List of Top 10 Retro Cartoons of the 80′s and two more :

12. Danger Mouse
Loosely based on James Bond, Danger Mouse is a British super hero / spy who with his best friend Penfold aims to save the world from arch enemy Baron Silas Greenback. Did you also know that many of the characters, including Danger Mouse were voiced by actor David Jason?

Monday, January 28, 2013

The 8 Coolest Cyborgs

By Robbie Boland

Science has taught us many things over the years: one day we'll all have lightsabers; making age inappropriate friends with kooky old Doctors/Professors will always result in time-traveling shenanigans; and cyborgs are REALLY AWESOME.

Whether they're regular people who've been rebuilt after a horrific accident as superpowered crime fighters, sexy advanced fleshbots created to tend to our every whim, develop independent thought and eventually overthrow us, or just meat-covered robots sent back in time to kill all of mankind, cyborgs are cool.

But what is it that so fascinates us about this unholy fusion of flesh and steel? Will science ever reach a level so advanced that super strong cyborgs become a reality? At what point does a person become more machine than man, losing that intangible spark of humanity we call a soul? These are questions this article will endeavor not to answer in any way, shape or form. Let us instead discuss the eight cyborgs we've arbitrarily decided are the coolest. Androids and robots need not apply.

10 Foods That Change Your Mood For Good

We all get a bad mood every now and then and we tend to eat junk in large quantities when we are depressed and down. This eating leads to weight gain and consequently more bad feelings. But there are alternatives to junk food - foods that are healthy and make you happy as well. Following are the 10 best foods of this category.

Celebrities We Lost In 2012

2012 edition of celebrities and people in the news that we have lost. Here are a few of those personalities; while some were all over the front pages as they have been years before, a few of them may have slipped by us.

We always say, life as we know it is always precious, so make sure you relish every moment you have and enjoy each moment your loved ones smile; you can even go all out and enjoy each moment when even a stranger smiles. Each day we are given is a miracle. There are so many things that take us away from this world every year - the unexpected accidents, the never-ending natural disasters, new and old diseases, horrible murders, unfortunate fires, tainted foods, the carelessness of others, wars, just being in the wrong place at the wrong time and the list goes on and on.... You'd never know when you walk out the door whether you will be walking back in through the very same door at the end of the day. As always, live you life to the fullest; do appreciate what you have - there's always someone better off and someone else far worse than you. Look at each new year as yet another chance to get it right...

Here are a few of those celebrities that had left us in 2012:

Various Intriguing Gadgets That You Would Like To Own

If you have a gadgets wishlist then you will have to make room for some more items after viewing this article because there are awesome examples that I’m sure you would like to own. Apart from the ones that are concepts, there are lots of them that can be bought for an acceptable price. Of course, there are also some gadgets that are a little bit expensive, but nevertheless nice to look at. 

CES 2013: The Good, The Bad And The Weird

Bendable smartphones? Great! A kiddie potty decked out with an iPad? Unnecessary!
By Katie Mcdonough

Have you noticed a spike in gadget stories on your social media feed lately? That’s because it’s January, the month when every tech journalist, blogger and fetishist heads to Las Vegas for a swag-filled week of ogling new toys. That’s CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, the event jaded tech reporters love to badmouth. The show has long been an opportunity for giants and start-ups alike to show off the gadgets that could (and often do) change the way we communicate, eat, read, drive, sleep - you get the idea.
Here’s a rundown on some of what’s coming out of CES this year.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

First Bookless Library

The day from which e-books started coming into the market I have read articles about how buying an iPad, Kindle or any pdf/epub format supporting device can be far cheaper than buying books in paperback. Academic libraries have been experimenting with this idea for a long time. Apparently, now it is being implemented in a library.

Amazing Wall Murals By Eric Grohe

Eric Grohe create amazing and realistic wall murals that look so real that one will feel real scene from distance. He makes ordinary places into amazing living art place with his brushes. Grohe uses a special German paint called keim mineral paint which can last 130 years. Each mural can take several months with Grohe enjoying every brush stroke. "Every project is a grand adventure, if passion for the work and inspiration are your guides," he said. Some of the murals he has painted reach 3,600ft.

Looking Back On 40 Years Of The Cell Phone

By Bridget Borgobello

40 years ago the first cellular phone was invented by Martin Cooper of Motorola ... and it was almost the size of a shoe box
This year marks 40 years since the first public cellular phone call was made by Martin Cooper of Motorola. This mobile phone was a massive device by today's standards – weighing two and a half pounds (1.15 kg) and all of 10 inches long it could only be used for 20 minutes before the battery died.


Mobira Talkman, NMT450 portable car phone, 1984 
Mobira Cityman, NMT900 handportable, 1987

10 Foods Thought To Be Healthy But Are Not

Food is one of the most essential parts of life for survival, health and pleasure. I always prefer to take kind of food which gives me pleasure but is healthy as well. This list has been made to make people aware that what they eat as healthy, might just not be the same.

Top 25 Worst Jobs To Have In 2010

At this point in the recession it’s probably safe to say any job is a good job, but according to a study conducted by job search portal CareerCast, in order to identify the best, you have to also determine which are the worst. After all, not all of us can have employment in finances or IT industry. The worst 25 are quite surprising and their methodology makes me wonder if they took into account things like pensions, vacations and benefits. How else could cops and temporary circus workers rank so closely together? Whatever is the case, here is the list of 25 worst jobs in 2010. The list is ordered so that number 1 is the job with the title of the worst job in 2010. I hope your job is not on the list.

Note : The list compiled are in the opinion of the original writer; I merely posted it in here for readers to ponder and compare...

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