Thursday, December 11, 2014

28 Fun Facts About Marvel Comics That You Probably Didn’t Know

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Posted : March 2014
Author : the admin

Here are some facts about Marvel Comics that you might not have known. Enjoy reading them...

1. Darth Vader was inspired by Marvels Dr. Doom.

Monday, December 8, 2014

2014’s Hottest Concept Cars

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Posted : January 2014
Author : Marcus Amick

When it comes to unveiling new vehicles, nothing in the world comes close to Detroit’s North American International Auto Show. This year’s event, running through Sunday, features more than 50 global debuts. But as usual, it’s the concept cars that seem to draw the most attention. Here are nine we wouldn’t mind taking for a spin.

14 Movies You Must See In 2014

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Posted : January 2014
Author : Tim Lowery

January is over, people - which, for film buffs, means the good stuff (you know, releases you’d actually get out of your house and pay money to see) will soon start hitting theaters. The cinematic calendar for the next 11 months promises sex addicts, sexy vampires, sexy co-eds - not to mention the indies that made a splash earlier this month at Sundance and artfully concocted big-budget fare.

10 Disturbing Plants That Should Not Exist

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Posted : September 2014
Author : Charlene

Nature never ceases to amaze. Well, these particular plants don’t really “amaze”. They more “creep the ever living sh*t” out of us. Unless you’re okay with plants that can bleed, or plants that can literally trap your feet as you walk past them. We thought this was stuff you would see in a horror film, but you will be very surprised to know that just because you see it in a movie, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. These plants have some very scary signature appearances and traits, and you don’t want to mess with them. No, really! If you ever see these plants, RUN the other way!

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