Friday, August 5, 2011

World's Best Handguns

The term handgun usually means a gun meant to be operated by one hand and having a chamber which is integral to the barrel as opposed to the other type of handgun, the revolver, which has a revolving cylinder.

Herstal FN 57

The Fn 57 is a Belgian made semi automatic pistol manufactured by FN Herstal. The FN 57 is a delayed blowback single action pistol firing a 5.7×2.8mm cartridge. It comes supplied with a 20 round magazine and has an effective range of 50m. It is currently supplied with fully adjustable sights or fixed sights.

There, I Had Fixed It...

DIY - Do It Yourself, whether for the better or for worse. You judge them yourself...

The Cardboard Box That Fits Anything

Boxes have traditionally been the taskmasters of shipping. But what about those oddly shaped items that don’t quite sit right in a box or require a larger box and thus leads to increased waste? Well, now there’s a solution and it’s called the Universal Packaging System (UPS), though this is not an official UPS product.

Top 10 Nokia Mobiles

For Nokia lovers, here is a list of top 10 Nokia models to date

10. Nokia X2
The Nokia X2 has a sleek, modern design, powerful dual speakers for music and radio playback because Nokia X2 is built for music lovers.
48 MB memory built-in + microSD Card (supports up to 16GB)
2.2 inches screen size
5 MP camera
Talk time up to 13 hr 30 min, Stand-by up to 624 hr, Music play up to 27 h

Solar Powers New Umeox Apollo Cell Phone

Chinese company Umeox Mobile recently announced one of the first smartphones to be put into production that can be charged using solar power.

Regular Health Mistakes

All of us make little health mistakes that cause damage to our bodies in the long run - simply because we are unaware we are doing something wrong. Here are some of the most common mistakes made by many of us.

Crossing our legs
Do you cross your legs at your knees when sitting? Although we may believe that this is the lady-like elegant way to sit, sitting this way cuts down circulation to your legs. If you don"t want varicose veins to mar the beauty of your legs and compromise your health, uncross your legs every time you realise you have one knee on top of the other. The best way to sit is to simply place both legs together on the floor, balancing your weight equally. If you feel like changing position, instead of crossing your legs, simply move both legs together to one side. As an alternative, you could also consider crossing your legs loosely at the ankles. This is a classically elegant way to sit, and is far better for your legs and your health than sitting with your legs crossed at your knees.

Dangerous Cars

Cars today are safer than ever before. Going beyond the standard intelligent seat belts and airbags for every part of the body, today’s cars can park themselves, keep themselves within their lane and automatically hit the brakes should a panic-stop situation arise. While most vehicles have benefited from billions of dollars of safety research, there are still a few cars on the road that aren’t so safe. Some of these vehicles present genuine dangers to occupants; others are just perceived as dangerous. While not all of these cars are guaranteed to kill you, they’re pretty much deathtraps.

Ferrari 458 Italia
The F458 Italia is undoubtedly one of Ferrari’s most beautiful creations, but like Kristanna Loken in T3:Rise of the Machines, this beauty hides a deadly danger. No, this Italian exotic doesn’t turn into a man-killing creation from future, but it does have a nasty tendency to spontaneously combust. It turns out that an adhesive in the rear wheel arches and heat shield would catch fire, deforming the assemblies themselves, which would then ignite upon contact with the exhaust manifold.

Babies Found The Strangest Sleeping Places

These images of babies who found the strangest sleeping places are sure to make you wonder “How did these babies end up sleeping in such strange places”. It really amazed me, that’s for sure. There are some extremely funny sleeping places here. Additional reason why you should see these photographs are these babies who are the cutest things you can possibly see, cute and funny at the same time.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

LOL English-to-Chinese Translations

Chinese isn’t really that hard once you realize how intuitive it is. Just look at some of these easy-to-remember translations!

1. Are you harboring a fugitive? = Hu Yu Hai Ding?

2. See me A.S.A.P. = Kum Hia Nao

BMW Vision Introduces ConnectedDrive

BMW is coming to the Geneva Motor Show tech-loaded for bear and the Vision ConnectedDrive concept is the sleek, roadster-shaped weapon. The topless study is based on the production-bound BMW EfficientDynamics and serves as a platform to showcase the Bavarian automaker’s advanced driver assistance and mobility networking systems, demonstrating what is possible both now and in the future.

What Is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Every day during this month, Muslims around the world spend the daylight hours in a complete fast. During the blessed month of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world abstain from food, drink, and other physical needs during the daylight hours. As a time to purify the soul, refocus attention on God, and practice self-sacrifice, Ramadan is much more than just not eating and drinking.

De-Tox Before Going To Sleep / How Healthy Is Garlic?

From the email that I received, it seems that this is true. Anyway there is no harm in trying...

Before you go to bed at night, prepare this magic potion :
Finely chop or use the food blender to chop up two cloves of fresh garlic and let it expose to the air for a few minutes while you wash up your blender or chopping board.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Amazing Flying Yatch

Amazing Flying Yacht: Vision Can Change The World

The brainchild of French designer Yelken Octuri who also designs cabins for Airbus, this ‘Flying Yacht’ concept combines his knowledge of aircraft design with love for seas to create this outlandish concept yacht. We have seen many seaplane concepts so far, but this one surpasses them all as greatest does the least. Flying Yacht idea doesn’t seem as weird or far-fetched, as many engineers and designers have already approached him to turn it into reality.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Very Lucky Landing

This guy was knocking on heavens door, but, luckily, nobody has open it…

Absolute Laziness

Technology had helped to ease many aspects in our life. Now we don't have to use a lot of energy to do chores and work around us. However for some people technology only underlined their tendency to become lazy. Take a look at some examples of extreme laziness....

VTO Aircraft Powered by Cryogenic hydrogen

A new type of airliner, A350H has been designed to be friendlier to the surroundings by using cryogenic hydrogen that is contained in high pressure tanks. That fuel is pumped to the awaiting jets, refueling as they perch high atop their mid-21st-century runways, which now look more like elegantly-designed platforms. This is where the main feature of A350H airliner becomes very important, its ability to vertically takeoff doesn’t take a lot of space compared to conventional airliner.

Beach In China Turns Green

Аlgae turnеd sеа grееn in China's port city оf Quingdao, Shandong province. But that doesn't stop the inhabitants from enjoying the time on the beach...

Things You Didn't Know Had Names

These are some things that you didn’t even know had names. Some of the names are obvious, and others not so much. They are all very interesting.

1. Tittle
The dot over an 'i' or 'j.'

2. Lunule
The white, crescent shaped part at the top of a nail.

Tropical Island Paradise by Yacht Island Design

Owning one's own yacht must surely be one of man's greatest indulgences. The ability to take your own tailored environment anywhere you want. Yacht Island Design creates tailored environment like no other.

10 Most Bizarre Train Accidents

For generations, it was the fastest ride around. Trains could achieve speeds of over 75 miles an hour by 1800 and for some passengers that factor alone made train travel a terrifying experience. An unlucky few never reached their destination, and some poor souls perished in such a spectacular manner they arrived at a special place in history.

1. The First Time wasn’t the Charm

In July 31st of 1815 Philadelphia (UK) was abuzz with excitement. An experimental railway locomotive known as Brunton’s Mechanical Traveller was due to make its debut appearance. There were no tracks at this point only excited townspeople and a public industrial waggonway for the device to run on. This particular engine also known as the Steam Horse moved along on mechanized feet rather than wheels, but this wasn’t the machine’s only problem. Running on steam it needed a huge boiler and the kinks of this system for the purposes of locomotion hadn’t yet been worked out. The boiler blew killing at least 16 of the spectators and dimming the hopes of inventors everywhere.

Nature's Painted Tree

It might look like someone painted these by hand, but the only artist responsible for these living works of art, is Mother Nature.

Top 10 Most Expensive US Military Planes

To strengthen the military supremacy of the ‘superpowers’, modern and advance fighter aircraft were developed and modified from time to time. As the US Senate votes to cut military spending on the $350 million F-22 fighter, here’s a look at the military aircraft with the biggest price tags

No 10. F/A-18 Hornet: $94 million
First entering service in the 1980s, the twin-engine fighter plane was the U.S.’s first strike fighter - an aircraft capable of attacking both ground and aerial targets. It has seen action in Operation Desert Storm and as the aircraft of the Navy’s Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Squadron. The F/A-18 is also used by Canada, Australia, Finland, Kuwait, Malaysia, Spain and Switzerland.

Be Thankful Everyday


For the wife
Who says it's instant noodles tonight,
Because she is home with me
And not out with someone else

Cart Courtesy: Seven Rules of Supermarket Etiquette

By: Vicki Santillano

I have to go the grocery store tonight, and I’m already dreading it. The scene there is all too easy to envision, probably because it’s the one I encounter every time I go: aisles crowded with shopping carts and patrons standing in front of products with dazed looks on their faces; a sea of people in the express lane, half of whom obviously don’t meet the “ten items or less” requirement. This undoubtedly rings a bell with most people, since annoying behavior seems to be a necessary accompaniment to the supermarket experience. But why should this be so? If so many of us have the same complaints about grocery store decorum, or lack thereof, you’d think we might’ve solved the problem by now. I suspect the issue is that many of us are unknowing offenders, which means we could all use a refresher course on grocery store etiquette—or how not to make food shopping an aggravatingly painful experience.

Amazing Coincidences

1. What's in a Name?
A computer error gave two women in America called Patricia the same social security number. When the two women were brought together in an office to rectify the blunder they discovered that
* They had both been born with the names Patricia Ann Campbell
* Both of their fathers were called Robert Campbell
* Their birthdays were on 13th March 1941
* They had both married military men in the year 1959 (within eleven days of each other)
* They each had two children aged 19 and 21
* They both had an interest in oil painting
* Both had studied cosmetics
* Both had worked as book-keepers

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