Monday, April 2, 2012

Top 10 Hotel Swimming Pool Views

By Douglas Rogers

Built in 1870, the cliff-edge saltwater swimming pool of the Hotel du Cap Eden-Roc in the south of France has been the centerpiece of that fabled celebrity resort for more than 80 years. Clark Gable bronzed himself on its sun beds; Brigitte Bardot made waves in her bikini; Egypt’s King Farouk liked to throw in his eight wives.

But what really makes this pool so legendary is its view: an overflow seawater pool blasted into seaside bedrock with a panoramic view out over the glamorous south of France Mediterranean.

Just as it’s an unwritten rule of a house party that everyone will end up in the kitchen, it’s guaranteed that guests at a hotel resort will spend most of their time around the swimming pool - even if there’s a fine beach and warm stretch of ocean to swim in right nearby. And that's especially true when the pool is dripping with scenery.

Airlines With The Most Delicious Food

Emily H. Bratcher

Airplane food has a reputation for being boring, even disgusting. In fact, an entire website is devoted to posting passengers' images of airline food - the good, the bad and the downright ugly. These real-life photos prove that Beef Stroganoff with roasted vegetables may sound scrumptious on the menu, but when the flight attendant hands you some congealed beef substitute with limp broccoli, your appetite vanishes as quickly as your excitement for the plane ride. After all, one of the ways you can avoid mile-high boredom (aside from reading and watching films) is to eat. If the food is inedible, then your airplane experience is tainted.

Still, not all airlines skimp on the quality of their grub. Some are true epicureans, offering passengers not only a choice chicken or beef, but also gluten-free options, fine champagne and food presentations so beautiful you could cry. And thanks to AirTrax, an organization that monitors airline satisfaction, we can pinpoint the airlines that serve the best food. For its 2011 Passenger's Choice Awards, AirTrax surveyed more than 18.8 million people about their experiences on more than 200 airlines. We used AirTrax's findings (and a few other sources) to come up with these superlatives for the world's most delicious airline food. If you're already spending hundreds - even thousands - on an expensive plane ticket, you might as well book a flight on an airline that serves the best food.

The World's Most Expensive Stuffs

For the world’s wealthiest, money is no object when extraordinary things enter the market - even during a global recession. Items may be deemed “priceless” for their cachet, beauty, rarity, or historic significance. Extremely well-to-do consumers have paid $3 million for a gold iPhone, but more unbelievable sums have been offered for elite luxury goods. To identify some of the biggest sales ever made, Bloomberg Businessweek combed through years of news reports and blogs and spoke with high-end retailers and auction houses. We looked at objects ranging from automobiles and boats to jewelry and electronics.

The biggest price tag is for the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s new megayacht, the Eclipse, which is expected to cost as much as $1.2 billion. While average consumers cut spending during the recession, the market for diamond-studded accessories and high-end art has been surprisingly resilient. The economy has not deterred aficionados with the means to spend, says Bo Bengtsson, president of Transmission Audio, a company in Sweden that recently introduced a $2 million speaker set. “I’ve been getting calls from very rich people who are also huge music lovers,” he says.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

World's Most Incredible Hotel Swimming Pools

By: Dahlia Rideout

For me, the hot, sweaty days of summer have always been synonymous with the smell of chlorine. Rising temperatures force me to flock to a community or backyard pool to seek a little relief from the sun. Unfortunately, these swimming spots can get a bit stale, not to mention overcrowded. But a few hotels and resorts have designed the most innovative, incredible swimming pools in the world to give swimmers and sunbathers a welcome respite from the usual chlorine chaos. From relaxing to adventurous (swimming next to sharks?), these pools are anything but ordinary.

13 Types of Bosses and How To Impress Them

By: Alice Handley and Kayla Baxter

Along with paychecks, deadlines, and overtime, bosses are one of the things you just can’t avoid in the workplace. But how to identify these strange characters and deal with them? Don’t go it alone - it’s a jungle out there. We’ll show you how!

1. The Robot
Distinguishing characteristics: An empty desk, no family pictures.
What they do: All business, all the time: That’s The Robot. We’re not saying she’s not human, but we’ve definitely got our doubts on the matter sometimes. The sworn enemy of fun, levity, and emotion, The Robot would rather you just get to work. At all times. While it can be nice to have someone driving you to do your best, it would be nice to feel a little bit of emotional connection from time to time, right?
How to make her love you: It may not sound like a lot of fun, but you’ll probably have to conceal your own feelings and buckle down to The Robot’s schedule. On the up side, she can teach you discipline and efficiency. Try making allies of your co-workers. They’re probably as frustrated as you are! Inside jokes and friendly chit-chat can make the day seem brighter.

Things School Banned In The 90s

Children bringing these stuffs to school in the ‘90s would definitely have them confiscated by the school authorities.

Slap Bracelets
Schools cracked down on the wearing of slap bracelets after hearing reports of children seriously cutting their wrists on the metal interiors.

Top 10 Most Luxurious Aircraft Interiors

In this day and age, owning a jet is just the beginning for the world’s most elite travelers. Filthy rich dudes with millions stuffed in various banks can even afford a big airbus with ease. But then the dilemma is for those yearning for exclusivity. And so pimping the aircrafts to transform them into luxurious flying palaces is the mantra. And finally as it’s always said, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” holds true, isn’t it? A custom designed interior is what separates a lacklustered mode of aircraft interiors for a stylish reflection of personal panache. There are no limits to just how much luxury you can experience with swanky décors with high tech features. Whether you want to deck out your airbus or jet for an important board meeting in London or a romantic dinner in Paris or a weekend getaway at the golf course for the executives, get tips from this list of Top 10 luxurious aircraft interiors...

What Your Face Says About Your Health

By: Care2

Your body’s unique intelligence has a way of telling you when something is wrong and it needs help. Not understanding this language makes it difficult to know when your body is talking to you. In Eastern medicine, a doctor will read what is written in your face, tongue, eyes, skin, and pulse. The signs of depletion are all there and may have been for some time.

Visual diagnosis is an ancient tool used by traditional healers to discover the strengths, weaknesses, and health (or lack of health) within the body. Once it is evident what’s happening inside the body, the awareness can be used to diagnose an illness or prevent an illness from fully manifesting. Awareness of your body is the key to figuring out the necessary diet and lifestyle adjustments to obtain vibrant health. In Oriental diagnosis, each organ is seen in relation to all the others, with energy flowing in one continuous circuit.

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