Friday, August 17, 2012

Three Good Ideas What To Do With Your Old Car

If you want to buy a new car you are probably wondering what to do with your old clunker? Often times, if your car is fairly old or needs repairs that cost more than the value of your car, the hassle and money loss by using classifieds or trading in your car may not be worth your time or money. But, before you give up, you should know that you have a few options to get rid of that clunker, some of which are actually for a good cause.
Here are three ways to get rid of your clunker, beyond reselling your car:

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Powerbreather Snorkel

The Powerbreather is a breathing system (based on the concept of a sealed snorkel) and developed in Germany. The system uses a patented air flow pumped by a valve mechanism. The Powerbreather allows only air to pass through the pipe leading to the mouth of a swimmer. The Powerbreather avoids strain on the neck muscles, which is usually done by turning the neck and head, in order to breathe. Thus, the Powerbreather allows the swimmer to concentrate on his/her technical improvements. The water can not enter the system, even with the swimmer immersing further, because the two valves only allow  air to be inhaled.

10 Top Conspiracy Theories

Mystery always attracts attention as do the conspiracy theories revolving around it. Be it religion, science, politics, war or economy, conspiracy theories have consistently emerged throughout recent and ancient history, persisting to this very day. With countless such theories floating around the web of information, each presenting its own often convincing counterevidence to the alleged “truth”, the line between fact and fraud seems to be blurring day by day. Following is a list of the top or most popular conspiracy theories in history.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Top 10 Female Gadgets

Gone are the days when gadget manufacturers used pink-colored gizmos as a way to attract their female clientele. Today, the number of women who are purchasing gadgets are looking for something more than an eye-candy. Sure, when we buy a laptop computer, we prefer pastel or hot, bright colors over the boring black or grey. But we are looking for something more than that. The gadgets for today’s techie girls should be beautiful, functional and as feature-packed as the electronic devices that guys practically drool over.
Here’s AllWomenTalk’s top 10 best lady gadgets:

Monday, August 13, 2012

World's Fastest Crash Test

A Ford Focus smashes into a solid concrete wall at 120mph (193 km/h). And this is the fastest crash test ever. Let’s see the result.

The Wrong Way To Park A Car

This incident happened at the parking lot of the hotel “Old Palace” on the island of Ugljan in Croatia. This odd accident occurred when an Indian hotel worker tried to start the car without checking that the transmission was in gear. Shocked by the accident he explained that in India cars won't even start if the gear is engaged.

Olympians Of Mixed Heritage

These Olympians of mixed heritage are a great representation of the global melting pot and multicultural Olympic spirit in action.

From Page to Screen: The 6 Best & Worst Superhero Costumes

by :

Not every superhero outfit drawn in the pages of a comic book looks great on screen. Some can be replicated exactly from the printed page to movie or TV set and look great with not a hint of cheese to be found - others, not so much. Should costume designers take liberties when replicating a superhero's outfit, as they did with Elektra? She would have looked pretty funny (albeit sexy) running around the city wearing just a red bandanna cap and straps covering her womanly parts.

Or should designers stick to replicating a superhero outfit as faithfully as possible to honor the comic book, as they did with Supergirl? Her outfit was almost directly copied from the comic book page - but somehow the end result looked... less than great.

While all of us at Screen Rant worked together to compile this list of superhero outfits we felt were the best and worst to make the leap from page to screen, some of us didn't entirely agree with every choice. So we created a “Special Mentions” section at the end with the superhero outfits we felt could go either way.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Top 5 Questions Of The Olympics

By John Parker

Why do track events run counter-clockwise? Why do divers shower? Why do athletes bite their medals? We look at (and attempt to answer) the top questions of the Games.

Some Facts About Nokia

1) The ringtone "Nokia tune" is actually based on a 19th century guitar work named "Gran Vals" by Spanish musician Francisco Tárrega. The Nokia Tune was originally named "Grande Valse" on Nokia phones but was changed to "Nokia Tune" around 1998 when it became so well known that people referred to it as the "Nokia Tune."

If You Shift An Automatic While Driving, Will You Damage Your Engine?

Here's an obvious but fundamental difference between people who learned to drive stick and those who've driven only ordinary automatics (a growing number, as traditional manuals disappear): Stick drivers are used to shifting while in motion. In an automatic, you shift only when stopped. Perhaps because of that, many drivers greet the idea of shifting while in motion with terror, fearing that they'll somehow blow up the engine or cause some awful mechanical shriek by sticking the car in neutral. Or worse, that they'll accidentally put it into reverse or park while cruising down the highway.

10 Things Interviewers Really Want to Know

Author: Zehra Farooq

I am sure that all of us have been through that phase where we have been to interviews, tons of them actually, and ended up not being accepted and then we have wondered, what it is that interviewers really want to know! So I have this list for you where you shall find out exactly what they want to know!

World's Most Valuable Currency

Original source :
Posted : March 2010
Author : 

Currently as far as I know the world’s valuable banknote of currency is the Kuwaiti dinar, one dinar can be exchanged for 3.47 U.S. dollars.

2011 Worst Airports

Date: October 12, 2011

Welcome to our 15th annual Worst Airports for a snooze (or long transit).

So how do we come up with the these lists? Every year, our airport sleepers send in their airport reviews and they vote in our polls. Then we consider the important stuff - our four C's: comfort, conveniences, cleanliness and customer service. This data combined with information about the airport's facilities and passenger services somehow ends up being our Best and Worst Airports lists.

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