Saturday, March 2, 2013

16 Most Expensive Materials In The World

World’s First Smart Hunting Rifle

The world is blessed with smart hunting rifles; these are intended to give hunters with never miss again shots capability. The smart hunting technology is featured with video streaming technology, an integrated wireless hot spot and an application. The tracking point rifle was developed and brought to display at the International CES conference this week. The rifle has been built to have the most accurate long range shooting system, making it second to none in the entire world. The main purpose of smart shooting system is to provide hunters and users with real time precision shooting.

1966 Batmobile Sold For $4.2 Million

Who doesn’t know Batman? The caped crusader of Gotham fighting crime with his own sense of justice has been around for a long time. My father knows of him, I do and I am pretty sure my children will as well. First created by Bob Kane, Batman’s TV series run from 1966-1968. The Batmobile used in these series was sold to Rick Champagne, a 56 year old citizen from Arizona for $4.2 million (2.6 million Euro) in a US auction.

Friday, March 1, 2013

10 Best Libraries In The World

Libraries represent man's most successful attempt in democratizing knowledge. In the modern age, these magnificent institutions have also developed into important social structures that facilitate not just the reading of books, but a meeting point of different people, different ideas, discussion and debate. Libraries, especially the ones featured on this list tend to be the epicenter of activity in neighbourhood in which they are located. Here is a list of 10 of the best libraries in the world, ones that we wished we could spend whole days in, if only they were closer home.

Zero Helicopter

How many times are we stuck in the traffic and we dream about flying away from the urban jungle? Hector Del Amo, a Spanish designer from Gijon, has found a smart solution to it, its name is Zero helicopter concept and it is thought as a personal urban transportation. The name comes from its round shape recalling the number zero.

Safety First!

Many industrial accidents occur due to negligence; safety to oneself is set aside, so long as the work is done. These pictures would show how accidents could happen due to negligence...

Thursday, February 28, 2013

7 Most Daring And Dangerous Stunts Ever Performed

It may be a very esoteric job role but stunt performers consider their career path as an art because it takes immense amount of skill and bravery to go out and do what they do everyday. Even one moments hesitation could cost these men their lives and everyday on the job is risking it. Here's a list of the craziest, most daring, and, as some might even consider, the most stupid stunts ever performed. These stuntmen have gathered a fanbase and almost become a cult because of their bravado.

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