Thursday, August 29, 2013

Top 5 Superminis (Malaysia)

We all want a LaFerrari or McLaren P1 in our garages but due to limited production numbers and even more limited funds, 99 per cent of us will never be able to afford one. Away from unrestricted autobahns and the racetrack though, real world performance is all about being able to deploy what you have in any given situation. So for real world car fans, we present the top-5 superminis you can buy.

5 Drinks No Man Over 25 Should Order

Several time ago, Made Man posted a little story called 5 Beers No Man Should Drink After 25. Once it had been shared on Facebook over 18,000 times, we figured it was high time we applied the same reasoning to mixed drinks. And having tended bar at all manner of establishments, and taken all manner of embarrassing orders, I feel highly qualified to opine on this subject. Still in college? Keep downing the drivel. Waving goodbye to bro on your way to man? Time to take these kiddie cups off the menu.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Top 10 Sexiest Car Hoods

Why is it sometimes we love a car just because of the hood? Is it the manly power bulge? An air-sucking scoop? The seamless skin? All the above. Hell, sometimes it's just for the curves. Here's your ten sexiest hoods.

7 Tiny Yet Terrifying Animals

by Nicholas Pell

When you go into the wild, you do your best to steer clear of mountain lions and bears. But how do you prepare for legions of pint-sized creepers far more likely to put you in a world of hurt? Get ready for a trip into the darkest recesses of the animal kingdom, where what doesn’t kill you makes you wish that it had.

Top 10 Most Unusual Cemeteries

Cemeteries are scary places. People more often think of the living dead who wander around graveyards and scare the living; some would think of zombies and vampires which are mythical creatures that dwell at the cemetery. Many would never think about going to one of these places at the night time. Maybe you’ll think differently about these cemeteries.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

5 Superhero Movies That Never Happened

By Veggie

There are three things in life that can send my nerd rage-meter from zero to max in an instant. Pushing back the release date of games, LAG, and announcing movies that never come out. All of the following (believe it or not) are actual comic book movie adaptations that were announced and never found their way to the silver screen. Whether it was for better or worse I'll let you decide.

2015 Will Be An Epic Year For Movies...

Sequels of box office hits that are coming out in 2015. Will they be successful?

9 World Famous Pits And Sinkholes

Nature never stops to amaze us with its magnificent phenomenon just like these inexplicable holes in the ground. I bet that these holes make an excellent tourist attraction. Check out these unreal photographs and location descriptions of 9 of world’s most famous pits and sinkholes. 
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Holes In A Living Cow

Hole-y Cow! These cows have been given a fistula, a hole directly into the stomach that scientists can reach into and study to see how certain foods get digested. Through this kind of work, better food can be concocted and studies into stomach cancer and other problems can be conducted. Although it looks inhumane, the cows don’t seem to mind. Animals can live a surprising amount of time with a permanent hole to their stomach, especially if it is a surgically made fistula. Nowadays, agricultural scientists learn about the digestive system of cattle by putting holes in cows – and the cows stay alive and well. These cows (fitted with a sealing cover called a “cannula”) each have a hole into their stomach. Through this hole one can extract food caught mid-stream through the digestive system. Take a look at this bizarre thing.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

10 Things We Wish To Be Invented

By Ahmed Saeed

There are many things in the world that we wish to have. Some of them are totally impossible and some of them become inventions. An invention needs ideas; ideas that are beyond understandable and beyond one’s thinking. Nobody predicted to have WiFi on their mobile devices right? But there are some inventions that could literally change the whole world. Compiled below is a list of 10 things we wish to be invented. Some of them might be possible, while others are just dreams.

Top 12 Most Unusual Food Around The World

The lifestyles of the rich and famous have always been fascinating to those of us who don’t have the funds to spend on ridiculously over-priced items. Every culture has its own food specialties that are rather unusual to others. For those who can afford it, this time we’ll have a look at the most unusual foods in the world.
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Tips To Organizing Small Bathroom

Small bathroom as any small-spaced room requires good organization of space, furniture and accessories in order to avoid clutter yet enjoy the room to its fullest. Small bathroom definitely benefits from shower cabin in terms of saving space. It may depend on the cabin’s dimensions though but in comparison with a bathtub a small shower cabin can save some space in your bathroom allowing you to organize household and personal cleaners and accessories in a cabinet or on a shelving. There are many accessories for small bathrooms that will help you organize it without taking up too much space.

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