Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Worst Ways To Clean Your TV

You've invested hundreds - maybe thousands - of dollars in your TV. So how should you clean the screen without risking ruining it? The Internet is full of ideas and ads touting the best products. I searched "How to clean a flat screen TV" and found a crazy set of suggested cleaning methods. So I sacrificed an LCD in order to put seven supposed solutions to the test.

Best Way to Get Rid of Rotten Sponge Smell

Sponges go bad. Regardless of whether it's old or new, a sponge can pick up a funky smell that gets on your hands, the dishes, the counters… YUCK. And while many recommended solutions don't work, there is one that does.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Motorcycles from Watch Parts

If you were going to throw away your old watch and add to the metal pollution, wait a second! Take a look at what digital curators like Dmitriy Khristenkho of Ukraine and Dan Tanenbaum of Canada are doing to stop these old watch parts from landing in the garbage can. Turning junk into spectacular mini bike sculptures, it’s a delight to see such intricate and detailed work of art.

The Founder Of FedEx Once Saved The Company By Gambling

Today I found out the founder of FedEx once saved the company by taking its last $5,000 and turning it into $32,000 by gambling in Las Vegas. The man is Frederick W. Smith who is the founder and current CEO of FedEx.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

10 Coolest Underground Houses

We have come a full circle when it comes to housing arrangements. We started off living in caves and seem to have come back to the same point. This is because we’ve finally realized that it’s actually a very eco-friendly way to live. However, building a house underground is not an easy task and things are bound to get complicated. These 10 underground homes are so fabulous that it’ll make you want to build your own underground abode!

12 Hilarious Examples Of School Name Fail

Massacre Pre-School
“Our Curriculum will BLOW you away”. No, seriously, its on a small island called Dominica in the Caribbean (Not to be confused with Dominican Republic) and the area is called Massacre but pronounced the french way.

Top 5 Strange Musical Instruments

Music is an inseparable part of every individual since ancient times. When man used to live in caves, even then some kind of music was a part of his life. As man progressed, his taste for music also changed accordingly. To express his creative abilities and to enjoy the music of his choice he designed different musical instruments. At the same time, there were certain individuals who enjoyed special music and designed totally bizarre instruments which produced the music of their choice. Here are the Top 5 strangest instruments of all time.

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