Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Glass Of Water & Something To Reflect On

A Glass of Water.. 

A young lady confidently walked around the room while leading and explaining stress management to an audience with a raised glass of water. Everyone knew she was going to ask the ultimate question , 'half empty or half full?'... 

She fooled them all .... "How heavy is this glass of water?" she inquired with a smile. Answers called out ranged from 8 oz. to 20 oz.

Monday, June 25, 2012

People Wearing This Casio Watch Might Be Terrorists

If you wear the Casio F-91W watch, a cheap, widely available Casio watch, the US Government thinks you might be a terrorist. Seriously! It's been known for quite a while now too. There's a whole list of Guantanomo Bay detainees who wore the watch, an old Washington Post article that said terrorists can use the watch to create time bombs and leaked Wikileaks documents linking the watch to al-Qaeda:

Nosed Snake Boulanger

These strange-looking reptile is known to science as Big Nosed Snakes Boulanger (Latin Rhynchophis boulengeri), but in the entire history of its existence, it managed to get a lot of other names. Among the most popular is the snake-green rhino and the unicorn.

Stolen Camaro Returned To Owner 16 Years Later

Stolen car found 16 years later; Missouri man recovers stolen car in Utah, 16 years later.

Christmas came early for a Jefferson City, Mo., man, whose beloved classic car was stolen more than a decade ago. Edward Neeley, who tracked the car down in Utah last month, got to take it home Tuesday. “I signed the paperwork and I have the keys to the car right here,” Neeley said, just moments before he would see his 1969 Camaro for the first time in 16 years. Neeley flew into Salt Lake City Monday night to claim the car at the Utah State Tax Commission building. “Nervous, excited, emotions are going crazy right now,” Neeley said, anticipating the moment he would see his muscle car again. Neeley couldn’t contain his excitement when he saw the red Camaro. “Oh, oh, I got my baby back,” Neeley said, rushing toward the car.

Past Meets Present

As the title suggests, this is a collection of photographs from the past merging with the present.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mad Street Dogs Ate Up The Front Side Of A Car!

I guess the owner of this newly destroyed car in Sarajevo would definitely got pissed off if you played him the song “Who Lets The Dogs Out?”.

Top Ten Largest Machines Ever Built

They are large, very large and able to move mountains as high as skyscrapers or launch a rocket into space. They are the megamachines and engineering marvels.

#1 - Mobile Launcher Platform
The Mobile Launcher Platform or MLP is one of three two-story structures used by NASA to support the Space Shuttle stack during its transportation from the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) to Launch Pad 39-A at the Kennedy Space Center as well as serve as the vehicle's launch platform. NASA's three MLPs were originally constructed for the Apollo Program to launch the Saturn V rockets in the 1960s and 1970s, and have remained in service to this day, with substantial alterations.

The Apple iWatch 2 Concept

The creator of the first Apple iWatch and the iCam camera, ADR Studio has now come up with the iWatch 2 concept, that’s shown above. It’s been two years since the first iWatch design, that was praised and published on Gizmodo and Wired. Now there’s a new device, one that integrates WiFi, Bluetooth, a RSS reader and 32GB of memory.

Rechargeable Batteries Of Continuance Via USB Interface

There’s not much difference in appearance between the Continuance batteries and general eectric batteries, the only difference is that on the side of the Continuance battery there’s a USB interface, with this USB port user do not need worry about the portable devices’ batteries, such as mobile phones, MP3 and digital cameras, etc., run out of power unexpectedly, don’t need PC or laptop, with just a USB connection cable, it can solve the problem of recharging, people can also use it as a normal battery in the alarm and remote control. This concept gadget is designed by Haimo Bao, Hailong Piao, Yuancheng Liu and Xiameng Hu.

Facial Recognition Software Being Launched

Researchers are developing software that will help them better identify individual apes and elephants in their natural environment, an innovation they say could improve tracking of species populations in the wild and provide insights into animal behavior.

Top 10 Most Poisonous Animals

Whenever we hear the phrase poisonous animals the very first things which strike our minds are snakes, scorpions and may be spiders but the reality is this that there are creatures in this world which are much more dangerous than ordinary garden snakes or scorpions. The animals on the list are not listed on the basis of total annual deaths caused by them but on the level of the venomousness of their poison which they have. Nature has granted the gift of poison to these animals for their defense and these poisonous animals don’t hesitate to use it against any predator. Before moving further we would like to differentiate between poison and venom because most of us use these words interchangeably but both have separate meanings. A poisonous animal can only deliver toxic chemicals if any predator touches or tries to eat it. In short words the poison can only be absorbed or ingested while in case of a venom, the venom is always inject in to the body. Almost every venomous animal has a defined mechanism of injecting toxins in to the other creature’s body. So enjoy the list of top 10 most poisonous animals and share the knowledge for fun.

Top 5 Cephalod Super Powers

5. Water Rockets

The torpedo-like bodies of squid are built more for speed than the baggy, gelatinous form of an octopus, but you can only move so fast through fluid. When squid near the surface need to make a quick getaway, they can propel themselves clear out of the water and soar through the air for several yards, flattening their tentacles into a set of gliding fins and even squirting water to keep themselves airborne.

Appealing Design – Light Bulb Radio

Radio in combination with light. Designer Na Yoon-mi’s concept with avant-garde design elements, the shape of this radio looks a bulb alike. On transparent material screens the radio frequency and volume displayed in a unique form, by the slider on the right user can adjust the radio frequency displaying on the screen.

The Worst Movie Posters

Let’s face it, some movie posters are truly memorable, while others are fairly forgettable. But some posters came out so awful, they just …sucks! This is handpicked gallery of stupid, weird, funny, and bad photoshopped posters. If you have any suggestion,or favourite poster, we will gladly add more posters to our gallery :)

The Poughkeepsie Tapes
How many times do we have to tell you poster people? It’s 1990s, not 1990’s. And if the grammatical error wasn’t bad enough, the picture of a bunch of VHS tapes dumped on a table is about as exciting as the last time we cleared out our loft.

Problem Parents Gallery

Michael Lohan
Less than 12 hours after being released from jail, Michael Lohan is once again behind bars. TMZ reports that Lohan contacted his ex, Kate Major, who has a restraining order against him. Major had phoned police, complaining that Lohan was calling her incessantly. Police went to her apartment, and after Lohan called again, they went to his hotel. In an attempt to escape, Lohan allegedly jumped off his 3rd floor balcony, falling 34 feet. He was charged with violating a condition of his pretrial release and resisting arrest without violence.

Michael Lohan was arrested in Florida following an alleged domestic dispute that occurred in early on the morning of Tuesday, October 25. According to police, Lohan showed up at the door of his ex-fiance, tabloid reporter Kate Major, who has a restraining order against him. The two were due to appear in court that day for a hearing that would determine whether or not the temporary restraining order would be made permanent. Major, 28, was granted the order on October 3rd, after telling the court that Lohan had been harassing her and her father. Major told police that after showing up uninvited, Lohan became violent and was yelling at her about the court hearing, and because she refused to give him oral sex. Lohan gave police another version of the story, saying that Major asked him for a ride to her house, where they had sex and then got into an argument. He was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence.

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