Sunday, October 28, 2012

10 Most Disgusting Images Of Food That You’ll See Today


These days, everything we use has both camera functionality and internet access. Being the forward facing society that we are, people use that technology to do the most important things that we can think of. For the sake of the children of the future, we’re making the most vigilant effort to document literally everything we eat. Much like any other form of journalism, both the beautiful and grotesque come to the surface. I know what you’re thinking, “how can food be grotesque?!?” and that obviously means that you haven’t been introduced to “Someone Ate This” a Tumblr blog focusing on the most disgusting food photographs taken by the amateur documentarians of our time.

If you don’t believe me, check out this small sample of travesties that I found on the blog:

5 Weird Religious Beliefs

Fall of Mankind
In Christianity this term is referred to Adam’s and Eve’s loss of innocence after disobeying God’s instruction in Garden of Eden. Most Christian denominations believe that the fall corrupted the entire natural world, including human nature, causing people to be born into original sin, a state from which they cannot attain eternal life without the gracious intervention of God. When God created Adam and Eve, he originally made them sinless, and he intended for them to remain that way. But the eating of the forbidden fruit somehow transformed human nature. Some Christians believe that our natural tendency to sin is transmitted from generation to generation by male semen.

8 Items That're Suck To Open

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Funny and creative solutions to everyday problems.
A problem is an obstacle which hinders the achievement of a particular goal, objective or purpose. It refers to a situation, condition, or issue that is yet unresolved. In a broad sense, a problem exists when an individual becomes aware of a significant difference between what actually is and what is desired between one or more individual...

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