Tuesday, December 18, 2012

15 Celebrities Who Changed Their Names For Fame

In order to be a successful person, and achieve the status of a celebrity, you should start with having a pretty cool name. Don’t worry if you weren’t born with the name you wanted, you can change it later, that’s what the upcoming celebrities did too – Carlos Irwin Estévez, it’s actually Charlie Sheen. Enjoy....

Mayans: France Will Survive The Apocalypse

By: Frank Lake

The  Mayans announced today that when the world ends on December 21, 2012, France will survive! Mayans predicted the end of the world – and they are convinced that they will be proved correct.  But WWN has learned that they also predicted that France will survive the apocalypse.

David And Joanne Are The Unluckiest Names

Research has found that David and Joanne are the unluckiest names in the UK and that people with those monikers are most likely to suffer personal injury. So according to case data released by a UK-based firm of personal injury solicitors anyone named David or Joanne should take extra care when leaving the house in the morning.

Ninja Star-Shaped Jet Flies Sideways At Supersonic Speeds

By : Benjamin Preston

Forget everything you know about flying wing aircraft like the B-2 bomber and the F-117 stealth fighter. Researchers at the University of Miami are working on a star-shaped jet that can fly in two different directions. And by that I don't mean forward and backward, but forward and another forward. The NASA funded design, which is still in the computer modeling phase, has a long axis, and a short axis perpendicular to the long one. There are two cockpits: on one end of the long axis, and on one end of the short axis. When it's taking off and cruising at low speeds, the plane can use the longer wingspan for lift, with the tips folded up, presumably for vertical stabilization. Then the plane rotates 90 degrees to use the short wingspan to travel really, really fast. Scientists figure change in direction will be super smooth; virtually unnoticeable from inside the plane.

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