Friday, September 7, 2012

Breakfast Of The World Photography

German photographer Oliver Schwarzwald recently did this series of photographs showcasing breakfasts eaten in different countries around the world. The series was shot for the German magazine Feld Homme and features the traditional English breakfast form the UK, coffee, croissant and cigarette for France and caviar on toast with vodka for Russia. And also the breakfasts from Sweden, USA and an international.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ten Bizarre Body Modification Practises

Unbelievable stuff….maybe the very body really is just a canvas waiting to be used…what do you think?

World's 20 Most Painful Cities To Drive

From commute times and stress levels to price of gas and anger outrages, here are the world's worst cities for driving.
So, your commute is pretty bad, huh? It takes you three minutes to get out of your office parking lot, eight minutes to reach the highway and another 45 to snake along to your exit. As you sit and listen to another damned FM play of the Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling," it dawns on you: it gets no worse than this. Of course, such exaggeration is a business Canadians excel in. Almost always, traffic-jammed commutes are rough, yes, but they often pale in comparison to the workaday travels of bigger, more gruelling cities. To set the record straight, IBM recently issued its annual Computer Pain Survey, which uses a variety of measures* to determine the world's most maddening commutes. Click through to find the world's 20 worst cities to drive, and take a guess at which Canadian towns make the cut.
*Consumer Pain score accounts for ten issues: 1) commuting time, 2) time stuck in traffic, agreement that 3) price of gas is already too high, 4) traffic has gotten worse, 5) start-stop traffic is a problem, 6) driving causes stress, 7) driving causes anger, 8) traffic affects work, 9) traffic so bad driving stopped, and 10) decided not to make trip due to traffic.

Lights Up In i-City Shah Alam, Malaysia

The city of digital lights. Located in the city of Shah Alam, i-City is a one-of-a-kind theme-park where all the main attractions are made of plastic and millions of bright LED lights. Similar to Elmer Long’s Bottle Tree Ranch, during the day, i-City’s artificial forest of maple and pine trees really comes to life at night. Made out of plastic and fitted with colorful LEDs, they put on a light show unlike any other.

13 Creepy Halloween Vehicles

As we go hurtling towards Halloween, you tend to see a lot of stuff about Halloween cars in top 10 lists. Not being one to shun attention, I thought i would find some different creepy vehicles, avoiding the obvious skeleton drivers and blood stained bonnets. Although for those car fanatics, we link to a Nissan Halloween car list too.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Most Unusual Guitars of All Time

Do you know how many of musicians in the world who, like Mauro Giuliani, have started their performance on the cello or violin, and then discovered the magic of guitar? The perfect instrument of great technical capabilities and emotional timbre that strikes right to the heart, is so popular that we can not imagine playing without it for many years back. Whether classical or electric, guitar is an instrument that connects the generations of musicians, listeners, and builders. Make it more interesting, the better, more expensive, the quirky guitar for the builders of this instrument has become such a challenge, so that is increasingly competing in this area. Let them race, and we’ll enjoy watching and of course listening to this magical instrument.

Tianhe-1A:The World’s New Fastest Supercomputer

Unveiled at the Annual Meeting of National High Performance Computing (HPC China 2010) in Beijing, Tianhe-1A is considered the world’s fastest supercomputer with a performance record of 2.507 petaflops, as measured by the LINPACK benchmark.

Top 5 Influential People Who Never Lived

5. Santa Claus
What child has not been frightened into behaving thanks to the ever-present youthful fear of Santa not providing come Christmas? Almost all western children were told by their parents that Santa would leave them nothing if they misbehaved. I speak from experience when I say that it was one of the most effective methods of stopping tantrums! Funnily enough, though, the fear always dissipates on Christmas Eve as you just know that Santa will be coming – even if you did slip up a few times.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Creepiest Place On Earth

Hellingly Hospital was a large mental hospital in the village of Hellingly, east of Hailsham, in East Sussex, England. The hospital, also known as East Sussex County Asylum or just Hellingly, was opened in 1903. Its architect was GT Hine, one of the great asylum architects of the era.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ten Most Bizzare Backstage Demands By Celebrities

All of us think that celebrities are these high profile out of this world people with amazingly posh life styles. We idealize their ultra modern homes and their world tours which sound larger than life. Have you ever wondered what life backstage might be like? These celebrities always keep whining about the long hours at the shooting sights, lack of proper food, sleep deprivation while working and what not. Well surely none of us dream of living endless days being short of sleep with pebbles to eat and the floor to sleep on. Read on to find out some of the most outrageous back stage demands that celebrities have these day and never again would you believe a word coming out of their pretty faces about woes of the backstage.

Celebrities Young Pics – Celebrity Childhood Pictures

How do they look when they were young? Some are strikingly similar, others may not be recognizable. Here are some of them...

George Clooney

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets The Keys To A $250,000 Mercedes Unimog

Just a day ago we were reminiscing about that time former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into the law the most sweeping curbs on greenhouse gases in the country, rules that drive the federal government's march toward a 54.5 mpg average by 2025. About the same time, Schwarzenegger was in California picking up his new ride, a five-ton Mercedes-Benz Unimog pickup customized to a value estimated at $250,000. The earth underneath its tires will be safe, all right.

That’s What Happen When A Girl Gets Really High

A girl who spent four hours smoking super-strength skunk cannabis had to be rescued when she climbed a 40ft electricity pylon after hallucinating that it was a bridge.

Ten Real-Life Werewolves in Human History

Let’s admit that we’ve all heard stories about werewolves and have been scared breathless in our childhoods. Now that we are all grown up we know they don’t exist but we have seen then in movies, read novels about them. They are pretty cool. I believe that humans tend to be very ignorant at times and we simply deny the existence of things that our mind cannot comprehend. Same is the case with werewolves. Just because the entire phenomenon seems a bit farfetched and we haven’t seen them with our own eyes, we blindly trust that these creatures do not exist. But are we doing the right thing in trusting that? Read on to find out.

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