Monday, July 9, 2012

20 Loading Methods You Should Never Try

I’m not sure how many of these vehicles came with an owners manual, but one thing is certain, none of these brave individuals ever looked at one… This is a collection of people with tasks to accomplish and places to go, who have made the best use of what is available to them. Despite it being totally nuts!

1. Brick Bike

Scorpion, Supercar of The Future

Have you ever thought about using pure hydrogen gas mixed with gasoline to increase fuel economy and reduce emissions?

Emerald Plaza in Abu Dhabi

Emergent Architecture in Abu Dhabi's most important feature of this project is a natural air conditioning effect of the hot climate and architectural design have been created in this region.Designed for Emerald Plaza building is surrounded by three high-gathering area: a garden, central sculptural volume and network of canopies.It is amazing project for the hot climate regions.Emerald Plaza is useful for the people who could not out and cooling effect of the pool during the day to prevent people high-temperature of physical and psychological,as well as creation of a shadow used to toggle the eaves are encouraged to use the outdoor space,even at midday. The main objective of the Emergent Plaza to ensure continuity between the buildings and garden, central sculptural volume, connect with the eaves.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Great Notebooks That Can Make You Flash Into Fame

Do you wanna experience a different life? Fine, Black series 4 notebooks from a Taiwan’s design studio can make you flash into fame in the security-check hall, with lifelike relief sculpture of arms, and the real metal pull ring, the alarm will absolutely work well when you go through the safety inspection, then you will hasten into a detailed explanation with securities, that’s all, the so-called fame.

10 Highly Unusual Plants

The sweet smell of hyacinth or lilac, tailored gardens - normally we associate these sensations with plants and flowers, not rotting flesh, attacks on insects or massive upside down tree trunks. There may not be real man-eating Venus fly traps, but there are certainly some wonders on earth that are rare and highly unusual. From the ranges of the rain forest to the Islands that dot the oceans, these are some of most amazing plants that Mother Nature has for us.

Bombs Away Shot Glasses

Next time you plan a party make sure you are well armed. The glasses feature miniature bomb-shaped inner compartments that showcase their contents and bring unique dimension to any cocktail party or dinner gathering. The collector-worthy shot glasses set includes 2 durable shot glasses measuring 2 by 2 by 3 inches and holding 1-1/2 ounces each. Great gift idea.

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