Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Children From Around The World And Their Toys

Original source : http://www.unmotivating.com
Posted : December 2014
Author : Charlene

It’s holiday season, and no matter what holiday exactly that you celebrate, your kids are bound to want new toys as gifts. It’s an inevitable request from the little ones. What is interesting is the variety of toys that kids want/have depending on their nationality. Here are various children from all around the world, pictured with their toys. Pretty interesting!
Pavel – Kiev, Ukraine

Monday, January 5, 2015

Pooktre - Art of Trees

Original source : http://www.funonthenet.in
Posted : July 2012
Author : Eesha Bansal

Pooktre (founded by Peter Cook and Becky Northey) is the ability to change fantasy into reality! It is the gradual process of shaping trees, allowing them to grow into predetermined designs. According to the founders, the knowledge can become a very satisfying past time. 

10 Science Headlines That Defined 2014

Original source : http://listverse.com
Posted : January 2015
Author : Rady Alexander

It was an exciting year for science in 2014, providing us with plenty of amazing moments and one or two regrettable ones. As a new year dawns, let’s look back at some of the science stories that dominated headlines over the last 12 months.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

15 Most Incredible Cakes

Original source : http://www.funonthenet.in
Posted : March 2009
Author : the admin

Cakes for any special occasions; cake that fit certain themes. For these the cakes must be carefully crafted to depict the theme. Check out these 15 most incredible cakes that have exquisite shapes from a camera to a bridge to the Eiffel Tower to even the Indian map! 

10 Ridiculous Myths People Believe About Fast Food

Original source : http://listverse.com 
Posted : June 2014 
Author :Gregory Myers

Fast food….you either love it, or you hate it. Or, you can also love it, but decide to stay away from it because of past rumors that have surfaced. But, how much of those rumors are true? Many of the rumors have been fabricated, but done so to an unbelievable extent. These rumors are so far fetched that we’re not sure how anyone could believe them. But, people do….and with that, cost fast food companies money and time.

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