Saturday, November 5, 2011

Visionary Examples Of Creative Photography

Creativity is in the air and you’re about to catch it. As you might know inspiration sometimes comes from almost anything. We have a great roundup of hand-picked creative photography that are sure to inspire you. Some of the photos are obviously photoshopped, but they still look real.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Most Expensive Metal

The most popular precious metals are gold and silver. While gold isn’t very cheap, it seems like a bargain in comparison to the world’s most expensive precious metal that sells for around $9,960 an ounce.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dark Secrets Of Celebrities

It turns out that even celebrities, famous actors and world known rich and famous people have dark secrets from the past too. Have a look at some of the spooky skeletons hiding deep down in their closets. Most of the secrets are about their parents, jobs they did and strange love history. I couldn’t believe these stories!

Charlize Theron
Her mother killed her father in front of her.
For many years, Charlize just mentioned in her interviews that “her father was killed in a car accident when she was 15 years” and changed the subject. The truth about a drunken abusive father-tyrant of the Oscar-winning actress and her childhood that she spent in Johannesburg, soon came out. The main reason why Charlize was trying to forget about those times was because of a large family quarrel, during which her mother, while trying to protect herself and her daughter, shot and killed her father.
Parents of the actress bred ostriches. “On the farm my father often got drunk and came home not only with his fists, but with the rifle, and threatened us with it. One day, he really pulled the trigger, but the mother at the last moment was able to take the rifle from him and protect herself and me…”

Wind Currents In Shanghai

Wind currents in Shanghai at the present are so strong that they are knocking people off their feet, bikes and mopeds! At moments Shanghai residents are gathering in larger groups, increasing the total mass, so the wind doesn’t fly them away!

Bizarre Human And Animal Conditions

Some people are born with very strange physical conditions that are so rare as to almost never happen. See some interesting animals as well in this eye-opening collection.

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