Friday, September 23, 2011

The Swimming Orangutan

King of the swimmers: How orangutan Suryia loves a summer dip with his trainer

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 3:31 PM on 25th June 2010

When people talk about getting an all-over tan for summer, they're not usually talking about getting an all-over orangutan. But 30-year-old Moksha Bybee has the most unusual of swimming partners - a seven-year-old urangutan who clings to her as she dives beneath the surface.

The jungle-dwelling creatures are not known for their love of the water, but Suryia appears to have permanently swapped tree trunks for swimming trunks.
Last one in's a chimp: Suryia, a seven-year-old urangutan, has taken a shine to diving into a pool with bikini-clad trainer Moksha Bybee at at Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina

She Looked Different In Every Photo

Nienke klunder was born in California in 1975 and raised in the Netherlands. She holds dual US and Dutxh citizenship. She was a graduate of the Breda Fine Arts Academy and was known for her striking photographic portraits and thought-provoking series and sequences. Working mainly in this series and sequences, she often uses self-portraiture to explore themes of identity and transformation. Lets take a peep into one of her work.
Photographer Nienke Klunder created this series of very interesting and creative portraits of herself looking different in every picture.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Inventions That Will Eventually Doom Humanity

CFCs, leaded gasoline, alcohol, gunpowder and even tobacco are a few among the host of inventions that probably did (and in some cases are still ‘doing’) more harm than good but to err is human and it is only a matter of time before something new is invented that is the mother of all previous ‘bad’ inventions that plunges the world into cataclysmic times. Here are some inventions that might just do that.

No 5. Flame Drills
Jared Potter has recently developed a pair of flame drills that operate at temperatures of 3200 and 7200 degrees, respectively, which is hot enough to burn anything that comes its way. The ultra hot drills are capable of boring through the Earth’s crust without ever actually touching the rock itself which essentially eliminates the need for replacement drill bits, equipment maintenance and rock cooties.

Good enough an idea to revolutionize Geothermal Engineering but what this invention brings with it is a host of possible disaster like volcanic eruptions, searing magma, earthquakes and crustal instability. And since, there are a large number of variables involved when dealing with geotechnical and geothermal problems it might not be the safest idea to just drill through the earth right now.

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