Saturday, January 11, 2014

5 Wrongly Convicted People The US Legal System Kept On Screwing

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Posted : December 2013
Author : Robin Warder

As procedural drama TV shows have taught us, every conviction in the U.S. justice system is the product of meticulous DNA testing and forced sexual tension among the detectives. But what happens when the prosecution screws up and the wrong man ends up in jail? Usually they apologize, set the man free, and try to help everyone move on with their lives, like the mature, responsible grown-ups they are. Haha, just kidding - it's actually physically impossible for people in authority positions to admit they're wrong, which is why we get situations like ...

Top 10 People Falsely Reported As Dead

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Posted : January 2014
Author : Bryan Johnson

The rise of social media has spawned an outbreak in inconsistent news reporting. In some cases, celebrities have been given a false death report, which spreads into an Internet hoax. In the past, when people were confused over a death, a premature obituary was often published. In other instances, people were wrongly declared dead after being lost or badly injured. Here are ten individuals that were falsely reported dead, and went on to live an extended life.

Friday, January 10, 2014

10 Matches Where Pro Wrestling Turned Real

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Posted : April 2013 
Author : Eric Gargiulo

Sure we all know the deal about pro wrestling. The cat was let out of the bag a long time ago. Yet even sometimes the match planned in the back has taken a serious detour in the ring. Here is a look at ten instances when the “fake” pro wrestling got very real inside of the ring. Nobody is trying to insult anyone’s intelligence here with pro wrestling. It’s a work and that has been documented long enough. But what happens when one wrestler isn’t playing ball with the other? What happened was chaos, unpredictability, intensity, and even fear when a planned match turns shoot. You want to see fear in a pro wrestler’s eyes? Wait until that wrestler realizes his opponent isn’t pulling punches and you will see some of the biggest, meanest, and intimidating individuals change their body language immediately. I thought it would be fun to take a look back at ten matches where one wrestler or promoter went into business for themselves. It doesn’t happen often in this era of pro wrestling, but there have been plenty of rogue wrestlers in the past who were interested in embarrassing, double crossing, or hurting their opponent inside of the ring. Here are ten famous and some not so famous worked matches turned shoots in pro wrestling history.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

12 Floating Airports

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Author : David Galbraith

I combined two types of concept plan in this list that are very different but share the fact that they show an alternate universe where airports weren’t giant fields on the edge of cities. On the one hand there are the airports that literally float on water, and although these have become a reality with projects such as Kansai or military aircraft carriers, some of the original designs are for runways floating on rivers right in the middle of cities. Here the concept overlaps with the other type of floating airports: those that metaphorically float above the city on stilts - or over rather than on a river, via a structure like an overhead railroad. These concepts are not as unpractical as they appear, by using short-takeoff, quiet planes, London city airport is very close to the financial center of London and its a shame that aircraft haven’t been developed to allow some of these magnificent, early ambitions to have become a reality.

Rooftop airport design from Amazing Stories, 1928

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Beauty Of Math - An Illustrated Showcase

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Posted : March 2013
Author : Mickel

Math can be found almost everywhere - in cell phones, in computers and even in the nature. Today we are featuring 21 great examples of how math can be used to produce really fine digital art. Stay in school and become a modern artist that master the art of fractals! And meanwhile, check out this showcase for a little bit of inspiration! The featured image of this post is the beautiful Fleur D’apo, by Jeff. Most of these artworks were created using a freeware application called Apophysis. You can download the application for free to try your luck!

All These Pictures Are Made With Food

Received via email
Date received : March 2008

One look and we might think these pictures are created by talented artists. They look so realistic and so natural. However on closer inspection you might realise that these pictures are not paintings made with strokes of brushes but rather are made with cleverly arranged food. Take a look...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Top 10 Animals You Didn’t Know We Just Discovered

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Posted : November 2013
Author : Shane Fraser

In 1758, Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus published the first comprehensive registry of all living things. This book named, described, and categorized thousands of organisms, and introduced the method of classification used for every new species discovered to this day. With this information, a biological revolution began, and by the early 1800′s, nearly every organism that is presently well-known had been described worldwide. There were, however, a few stragglers – some incredible ones – that managed to avoid detection for a lot longer than you probably thought.

10 Meaningful Sport Disasters

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Author : 

In almost all fighting matches in sports, especially in football and soccer games, a friendly match can turn into something aggressive – not between the players but, rather, between their cheering and eager supporters! Because of this tension and the taunting between the supporters, many sports disasters in history often result to stampede. Coupled with overcrowding of fans, poor stadium construction, structural defect, and lax police authorities, many sports events turn into unfortunate disasters. Some of these include the Luzhniki Stadium Disaster, Heysel Stadium Disaster, Oppenheimer Stadium Disaster, and the Hillsborough Disaster, among others. Browse more in this list of 10 Meaningful Sports Disasters!

Top 10 Most Unworthy Oscar Winners

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Posted : February 2013
Author : Audrey Fox

Obviously, the Academy Awards are incredibly selective (not to mention subjective) and the movie or actor you thought was the absolute best will more than likely not walk away with the big prize.  But sometimes there’s such an egregious error in judgment, such a crime against the art of filmmaking that you can’t help to raise your arms to the heavens and cry to those cinema snobs up in their ivory towers, “What were you thinking?!” Here are some of the Oscar winners we deem most unworthy. We’re not saying that these are bad films or performances, we’re just saying that given the competition, there were other candidates that were much more deserving of the prize.

Monday, January 6, 2014

10 Hidden Gems In America

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Posted : April 2013
Author : The Budget Travel Editor

Psst. Can you keep a secret? If you're looking for a world-class vacation minus the crowds, Budget Travel has got a hot tip. Well, actually we've got 10 of them. Over the past year we've visited some of America's most amazing parklands and unique small towns. Stretching across the U.S., our list of beautiful hidden gems includes ocean spray, lapping lakeshores, forests, mountains, and some of the nicest hosts you'll ever meet. What all these places have in common is that you might have never heard of them without us spilling the beans. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

10 Luxury Foods Around The World

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Author :

While other people are already happy and satisfied after a slice of pizza, a bar of chocolate, or a bowl of pasta, other people are more into gourmet food – Beluga caviar, foie gras, saffron spice, white truffle, pufferfish, among others. These foods are considered luxurious because of their rarity, the difficulty in their cultivating process, the skills needed for their preparation, and, of course, because of their exorbitant prices. Did you know that a kilogram of Beluga Caviar costs at least $5,000? Or that a White Alba was once sold for more than $160,000 for a mere 1.51 kilograms? Discover the foods for the elite in this list of 10 Luxury Foods Around the World!

Top 10 Weirdest Writing Systems

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Posted : June 2011
Author : Shell Harris

As writing goes, English is pretty straightforward. Sure, it has its weird parts: some of our letters combine to make new sounds, we have extra letters we don’t really need and there are spelling rules that only apply half the time. But on the whole, we have it easy. It’s not always like this. The Latin alphabet that English uses is alphabetic – in general, there’s one letter for every sound. In other writing systems, one character can signal a whole syllable. Or it might be like the Chinese system, in which characters signify whole objects or concepts. And sometimes, things can get even weirder.

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