Thursday, April 18, 2013

How To Find Out If Someone’s Stealing Your WiFi

by LiAqAt

If you are experiencing low-speed internet on your WiFi Network then there is a possibility that someone is stealing it. Here’s our how-to guide to find-out if someone is stealing your WiFi and how to stop them.

Top 10 Largest Meteor Craters on Earth

A meteorite unexpectedly pierced through the atmosphere over the Urals Region in Russia on Friday morning and exploded about 12 to 15 miles above ground, creating a shockwave that damaged houses, shattered windows and injured more than 1,200 people. According to NASA, the celestial body, which measures 17 meters in diameter and 10,000 tons in weight, crossed the atmosphere at the supersonic speed of 44,000 miles per hour and released a force of 500 kilotons at the time of its explosion, 30 times that of the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. Scientists in Russia are still searching Chelyabinsk for leftover debris.

Usually, a meteor crater will be formed when a meteor impacts another celestial body. A number of meteor craters can be found across the Earth, but few have diameters of 20 kilometers or above. Statistics show that on average the Earth experiences only one to three meteorite falls powerful enough to leave a 20 km diameter crater per million years. Following are the top 10 largest meteor craters ever recorded in our planet’s 4.6 billion-year-long history.

First Look Inside the Boeing 747-8 Airplane

The 747-8 is the largest and newest 747 version, the longest passenger aircraft in the world.  The 747-8 is offered in two main variants: the 747-8 Intercontinental (747-8I) for passengers and the 747-8 Freighter (747-8F) for cargo. he aircraft will be capable of carrying up to 467 passengers in a 3-class configuration over 8,000 nmi (15,000 km) at Mach 0.855.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

8 Stunning Next-Gen Airport Designs Cleared For Takeoff

1. Airport Concept (Gensler)
Zaha Hadid is not the only architect working on a replacement for Heathrow. This alternate concept by mega-firm Gensler radically re-imagines what an airport could be, by designing it to float in the river. This design's sci-fi appearance is paired with equally ambitious technical claims. In this vision runways would be modular, floating structures that could be easily switched out for upkeep - or even replaced with spacecraft landing pads in the future. The floating structures would also generate power using marine turbines and provide a reef-like home for sea life. The design is bold, and slightly unbelievable, but does help recapture some of air travel's lost glamor. However, in order for it to be built it will need to beat a star-studded list of competitors and challenge a few laws of physics.

How To Live Longer - 10 Strange Ways

All those who want to live a really long and healthy life already must have been practicing all the requirements including safe, healthy and nutritious diet in appropriate amounts along with adequate exercise, multivitamins and antioxidants. However all those who desperately want to live a really really longer and healthier life will have to go a yard extra in the form of following 10 strange ways to live longer.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

12 Longest Caves In The World

Here are the twelve longest caves of the world, complete with many of those attributes, as well as many hidden gems. Caves conjure up images of dangling bats dangling, stalagmites and stalagtites rising from floors and ceilings and dark, dank holes that seem to to go on forever.

Monday, April 15, 2013

13 Most Dangerous Car Interiors In History

A lot of what we take for granted in the modern automobile has come along only after a great deal of trial and error - and, perhaps, neglect. Take, for instance, the humble headrest. While a headrest design was patented in 1923, the National Highway Transportation Association only passed a law that all passenger cars should have headrests in 1969 - after hundreds of thousands of spine injuries as the result of whiplash. The safety belt was first put to use in horse-drawn carriages in the 1850s, but wouldn't be standard-issue in cars until the early 1960s. Sadly, many of the most basic innovations that are part of every automobile interior today came about this way. Grim, but true. These are the most dangerous car interiors - and a few that were unique for ushering in safety before it was fashionable.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Top 10 Deadliest Spiders

There are many candidates for the title of the world’s deadliest spider. One of the most important considerations in determining the deadliest, is who the spider is deadly to. Some spiders can efficiently poison even small mammals with their venom, and a few can make humans very ill as well. Typical listings for deadliest spider include the Brazilian Wandering Spider, which occasionally shows up in cluster of bananas in the US, the Funnel Web Spider, which lives in Australia, the Hobo Spider, which can be found in the US, and the Brown Recluse.

Amazing Large-Scale Drawings In Sand By Jim Denevan

Have you already heard of Jim Denevan or seen his artwork? Jim Denevan (born 1961) is an American chef and artist who creates temporary land art. He works with natural materials to create massive scale drawings in sand, ice, and soil. His sculptures are not placed in the landscape, rather, the landscape is the means of their creation. Often aerial photography or video is needed to comprehend the final work. He is also the founder of Outstanding in the Field, a traveling farm dinner series.

4 Things Women Hate About Men

You, as a man, may either be extremely self confident and believe that your girlfriend is totally and unequivocally happy about you, or be realistic and realize that many things can be changed to meet your partner’s needs and requests. Whenever you ask a married or engaged woman what she would like to change about her husband/fiancée, the most common answer happens to be: “When we first met, he showed his interest in me, while today he seems to take me for granted”. Well, that is something you may change. After all, does it cost you so much to take your woman out to some restaurant and buy her a flower? I don’t think so! It may mean nothing to you, but it would mean the world to her.

Top 5 Trademark Celebrity Hairstyles

5. Donald Trump
Famous for his buildings in Manhattan and around the world, the business tycoon and real estate developer bounced back from financial problems in the 1990s. His companies run casinos and hotels and he is constantly looking to expand his empire. His attempt to build a golf resort in a beautiful part of Scotland has proved controversial with local people and environmental organizations. There were photographs of him in the British newspapers of his visit to Scotland, which depicted his comb over hair battling with the gale that was blowing. This seemed to counter the theory that it’s a toupee. There have been suggestions that the hair is the result of a bad hair transplant.

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