Monday, March 23, 2015

17 Dining Mistakes You're Making That You Never Knew About

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Author : Julia Letts; Co-written by Rozin Abbas

Going out to dinner isn't just about the food or the company. You might think it's all about sitting at the table, eating delicious food, and that's it, but that's only just the beginning. Eating out at a restaurant is an experience that involves manners, social graces, and really, what it all boils down to: respect. In fact, you could be acting totally rude at the dinner table without even knowing it.
Right now, you're probably asking what it is you're doing wrong. Well, here's exactly how to fix the 17 dining mistakes you're making that you never knew about!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Why You Should Never Be Rude To Strangers On Public Transport

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Posted : February 2015
Author : Rossalyn Warren

Here’s why you should never be rude to strangers on public transport, especially if you’re on your way to an interview.
Matt Buckland was on his way to work at Forward Partners, a venture capital firm, where he’s the head of talent. Later that day, a familiar face walked through the door for an interview:

Commercial Flights: Home of the Germs and Disturbed…

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Posted : December 2014
Author : Charlene

Ok, why is it that on almost every commercial flight, there’s always a weirdo on board? Maybe not a weirdo, but something we’d probably never see in our every day lives - yet, we see on board a commercial flight. Random! There’s always that one person, to make everyone else wonder. Here is a hilarious collection of the strangest things ever seen on a commercial flight.

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