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16 Mei - Sambutan Hari Guru Di Malaysia

Hari Guru di Malaysia disambut pada 16 Mei setiap tahun sebagai penghargaan kepada para guru. Tarikh ini dipilih sebagai Hari Guru kerana pada haribulan yang sama dalam tahun 1956 Majlis Undang-Undang Persekutuan Tanah Melayu (Federal Legislative Council) telah menerima cadangan-cadangan Laporan Jawatankuasa Pelajaran (Report of the Education Committee) sebagai dasar pelajaran bagi negara kita.
Dokumen tersebut yang dikenali sebagai Laporan Razak (Razak Report) telah menjadi Dasar Pelajaran Kebangsaan semenjak itu.

What is Good Teaching

All students must have had hundreds of teachers in their lifetimes. A very few of these teachers they would remember as being exceptionally good. What are the qualities that combine to create an excellent, memorable teacher? Why do some teachers inspire students to work three times harder than they normally would, while others inspire students to avoid their class? Why do students learn more from some teachers than others?

Here I have focused on the four essential qualities that distinguish exceptional teachers:
  • Knowledge,
  • Communication skills,
  • Interest, and
  • Respect for students.

15 Hilarious Signs

There are a few signs which are universal over the world such as the no smoking sign and the stop sign. However, in most cases when you visit a completely different part of the world, there is a little difference in the sings of your country and the one you’re visiting.  That is nothing compared some of the truly absurd signs that some people put up. We did some research and came up with 15 hilarious sings that are sure to make you smile. Enjoy. 
signs collage

World’s Most Visited Tourist Attractions

When we think of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, what names come to mind? Eiffel tower? Taj Mahal? According to statistics, that is not the case.  Moreover, the recession doesn’t seemed to have dampened the enthusiasm of travelers who continue to flock major tourists attractions. If you’re one of them, then add the following 10 of the World’s Most Visited Tourists Attractions to your list.
  most visited places collage 

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21 Funny Recycled and Creatively Reused Objects

It is amazing what types of useful objects and gadgets can be made from recycled junk. From an Atari cartridge clock to an automobile decorated with circuit cards, this post has all kinds of items that are made from recycled stuff by their creative owners. Check out all 21 of these funny recycled and reused objects. The outcome can be quite funny and somewhat odd.

1. Old typewriter turned into a mechanical Mac keyboard
funny recycled stuff usage 01 in 21 Funny Recycled and Creatively Reused Objects

30 Original Alternatives to a Common Bedside Table

honor and folly 9 30 Original Alternatives to a Common Bedside Table
When it comes to our comfort zone, bedside tables are a must. Books, glasses, eye-drops, various types of body cream, objects we forget we ever had - it always surprises us how many things can fit into the drawers of a nightstand or on a small bedside table. Since Freshome is all about creative ideas, we decided to dedicate a post to bedside tables with an unusual appearance, miniature storage units which can enhance the overall look of your bedroom.

A Very Futuristic Ride

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

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How to Argue With Females

By staff writer JD Rebello

The Allied Invasion. The Trojan Horse. The Divine Plan. The following strategy puts them all to shame because it defines how to finally defeat the great beast of society: women.
Arguing with girls, like yoga, is a meaningless and inane exercise. A lot of guys hate doing it, most notably because it never seems like we can win. But you can win. Here's how.

Beautiful Cacti From Around The World

The cactus is a rare and stunning creation of nature. Some, like the Dragon Fruit Cactus, produces fruits that are a delicacy to man. Others simply produces colorful flowers when they bloom in the desert...

1. Cereus Repandus (Dragon Fruit Cactus)
Cereus Repandus (Dragon Fruit Cactus)
Found in South America as well as the nearby ABC Islands of the Dutch Caribbean.

5 Cat Myths People Still Believe In

The cat is a very misunderstood animal. Here are the top 5 facts about cats that most people still believe to be true: 

Cats Can See In The Dark
Amazing Cat Facts
A cat has vertical pupils that expand to let him see in near darkness. He has about thirty whiskers which help him find his way around at night, even in strange surroundings. But he is not endowed with special eyesight that can enable him to see in absolute darkness.

Blast From the Past - Celebrity Prom Pics!!

In honor of the impending Prom season, Hollywire is taking you back to a time when some of our favorite celebs were unknown.... their prom night!!
Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, to name a few, were just your average high school students dressed in their best and enjoying one of the most memorable nights in a teenagers life. Check out the old photos of some of your fav celebs ready to hit the dance floor on Prom night.

Halle Berry
Halle Berry

Outdoor Lighting: 12 Products to Light Your Way

Whether you are looking to illuminate your front entry, deck, walkway or landscape, today's outdoor lighting options are plentiful.

Kichler Deck Lights
Deck lighting is a great way to add ambiance to your outdoor space. The Kichler Landscape Transitional One Light Deck is a simple, modern fixture perfect for bringing your deck to life at night.
Available at

Nice Try, But You Are Doing It Wrong

Something is definitely out of wack in these pictures, but you should be able to figure it out very quickly.

Nice Try, But You Are Doing It Wrong (41 pics)

Nice Try, But You Are Doing It Wrong (41 pics)

Plants That Look Extraterrestrial

The Dragon Fruit is a rare and exotic plant that may look extraterrestrial but is very much a part of our world. Grown in dry tropical and subtropical climates, this fruit is truly a rare gift of nature. Take a look at some plants that are simply out of this world.

1. The Dragonfruit Cactus
enhanced buzz 31176 1317219673 0 Plants That Look Extraterrestrial 
This cactus may look strange, but it also produces some flavorful and delicious fruit! The Dragon fruit, which can be described as a cross between a strawberry and a pear, can be eaten alone as well as infused with vodka or placed on top of any luscious dessert.

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