Friday, April 12, 2013

Top 10 Greatest Muscle Cars Of All Time

These overpowered iron beasts were built to deliver a beating and to take one. They were always willing and able to burn some rubber. And they were anything but agile. Big, heavy for the time, loud and rude, muscle cars embodied everything that was great about the American auto industry of the 1960s and 1970s.  Here are the listed of what made each beast special.
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Olive Fruit Facts

Olive, common name for a plant family , and for its representative genus, and for the fruit of the olive tree. The family contains about 900 species, placed in 24 genera. It comprises a small group of woody flowering plants, of almost cosmopolitan distribution, that contains several plants of horticultural and economic importance. In addition to the olive, familiar members of the family include ash, lilac, privet, jasmine, forsythia, and the fringe tree.

5 Worst Habits Of Women

Of course not all women have these habits. Some have one of them, some have all, and some have none. Habits of women can’t be generalized, but there is a trend. My apologies to all women when this list sounds as if they all were the same, I simplified.

Actors/Actresses Behind 30 Legendary Disney Villains

Ever wonder if the actors who voice the villains are just as mean-looking as their on-screen counterparts? Wonder no more. For the most part, the answer is no - but there are definitely a few uncanny resemblances in the bunch.
1. Smee from Peter Pan, Bill Thompson

Thursday, April 11, 2013

How E-Mail Works

An E-mail Message
The first e-mail message was sent in 1971 by an engineer named Ray Tomlinson. Prior to this, you could only send messages to users on a single machine. Tomlinson's breakthrough was the ability to send messages to other machines on the Internet, using the @ sign to designate the receiving machine.

An e-mail message has always been nothing more than a simple text message - a piece of text sent to a recipient. In the beginning and even today, e-mail messages tend to be short pieces of text, although the ability to add attachments now makes many e-mail messages quite long. Even with attachments, however, e-mail messages continue to be text messages - we'll see why when we get to the section on attachments

Mother Declares Her Children Are "The Biggest Regret Of Her Life"

By Rebecca Odes

Let's talk about the mom who regrets her children. Last week, the Daily Mail published a first-person story by Isabella Dutton, a 57 year old mother of two who declared her children to be "the biggest regret of her life." Since the Daily Mail is possibly the internet's leading purveyor of "human interest in hating other humans" stories, it goes without saying that the article incited (and was intended to incite) a monstrous tsunami of scorn. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Extreme Babies - Medical Mysteries

From the largest to the smallest baby, even unnatural babies like the cyclops and frog-like baby. These are medical mysteries from all over the world!

Monday, April 8, 2013

5 Biggest Hyperinflations In World History

In economics, hyperinflation is inflation  that is very high or "out of control". While the real values of the specific economic items generally stay the same in terms of relatively stable foreign currencies, in hyperinflationary conditions the general price level within a specific economy increases rapidly as the functional or internal currency, as opposed to a foreign currency, loses its real value very quickly, normally at an accelerating rate.  Definitions used vary from the International Accounting Standards Board's a cumulative inflation rate over three years approaching 100% (26% per annum compounded for three years in a row) to Cagan's (1956) "inflation exceeding 50% a month." As a rule of thumb, normal monthly and annual low inflation and deflation are reported per month, while under hyperinflation the general price level could rise by 5 or 10% or even much more every day. A vicious circle is created in which more and more inflation is created with each iteration of the ever increasing money printing cycle. Hyperinflation becomes visible when there is an unchecked increase in the money supply (see hyperinflation in Zimbabwe) usually accompanied by a widespread unwillingness on the part of the local population to hold the hyperinflationary money for more than the time needed to trade it for something non-monetary to avoid further loss of real value. Hyperinflation is often associated with wars (or their aftermath), currency meltdowns like in Zimbabwe, and political or social upheavals, plus an aggressive bidding against the money on currency exchanges.
These are the five biggest hyperinflations in world history:

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Important Information Regarding Asbestos

by Sandip

What is Asbestos?
Asbestos is a term used for a group of silicate minerals that occur as asbestiform fibers having high tensile strength, flexibility, and heat and chemical resistance. Tremolite is a hydrous calcium magnesium silicate with the chemical formula Ca2Mg5Si8O22(OH)2. Tremolite can occur in a variety of crystal shapes and sometimes occurs as asbestiform fibers.

How To Tell If Jewelry Is Fake

The best way to ensure that the jewelry you buy is real is to only purchase it from reputable companies. Do some price comparisons before purchasing. Just like with any other product, if one price seems excessively low, it’s for a reason. If you do end up with jewelry that you are skeptical of, the best way to determine its authenticity is to get it appraised professionally. Yes, it will cost you even more money, but it’s the most accurate way to find a fake. If this option is out of the question (or you’re just curious about how testing of jewelry is done), there are several ways to examine the jewelry for authenticity on your own. Find out how below.

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