Friday, March 8, 2013

9 Cleverly Camouflaged Critters

By: Shannon Dybvig

It's that time again - it's time to focus your peepers to find the critters hiding in plain sight. Animals big and small, feathered and slimy, are waiting below hoping to be overlooked. Whether they happen to blend into the background, or have a special talent to make their exterior match the exterior, these creatures have many, varied ways to get lost. Can you find them?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cracking Your Knuckles Does Not Cause Arthritis

By Scott

Myth: Cracking your knuckles throughout your lifetime will eventually cause you to have arthritis.

Have you ever cracked your knuckles and had someone yell at you to stop because it causes arthritis? 25-54% of the world’s population cracks their knuckles, men more so than women. Does this mean up to 54% of us will get arthritis? The short answer is no. There are different types of arthritis and no study has ever shown a link between cracking your knuckles and it causing any type of arthritis. Let’s talk about why and what is actually causing the “cracking” noise when you crack you’re knuckles.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

10 Coolest & Weird Chair Designs

1. Amazing Folding Chair
This chair designed by Chishen Chiu is known as Flexible Love and is absolutely amazing. It is stretchable and is flexible enough to be formed into different shapes and arrangements

9 Amazing Dragon Fruit Creations

The delicious flavor of Dragon Fruit has finally found its way into Vodka! SKYY's new taste is all natural and combines the unique flavor of Dragon Fruit with the vodka that you love. Here are some other creations that are also inspired by this bold and exotic fruit!

Tips To Improve Fuel Economy

Here are some very good tips on improving your vehicle's fuel economy / increase fuel efficiency / mileage. With increasing fuel prices it is becoming more and more prudent to apply them.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ten Worlds Largest Sinkholes - The Door to Hell

Sinkhole??? It is just what it sounds like, a natural depression or hole in the surface topography caused by the removal of soil or bedrock, often both, by water. The size and depth of some sinkholes is astounding, from several hundred meters deep to over 100 km across. The giant sinkholes of Earth belong to the most impressive natural landmarks. They can form slowly or instantly, making them all the more intimidating. Here are 10 of the most amazing sinkholes across the world.

True Cases of Animals Brought To Court

10. Smarter than the Av-er-age Bear!
Macedonia, 2008; a fed-up beekeeper approached Macedonian authorities because of a bear of a problem. A giant bear had been making a habit of raiding poor Zoron Kiseloski’s beehives which Zoran had hoped to harvest come the right season. Reportedly, Zoran got a generator and kept the area lit in addition to playing loud funky folk music from Serbia which seemed to scare away the bear. Sure enough though, as soon as the generator ran out of power the bear came back and destroyed even more of Mr. Kiseloski’s property. As this case went to court, a defense attorney was provided on behalf of the bear but mostly he defended the State – the bear had no owner and therefore was part of the state wild game population. The judge that presided over the case declared the bear guilty of damages totaling $3,500 for the lost honey and hives which the State could make payable to Mr. Kiseloski. No effort was made to corral, banish or kill the offending bear.
If ever in Macedonia beware: there’s a bear in the woods that’s extremely upset over owing the government just under four grand for a few handfuls of honey so tread carefully!

Some Strange Facts About Albert Einstein

By : Craig Baird

If you ask someone to name a genius, nine times out of ten that person is going to name a man by the name of Albert Einstein. Einstein is the image of a genius in our society because of his revolutionary concepts that helped to create the future that we know. It is no surprise that Time Magazine chose Einstein as the Person of the Century in 1999. While we know all about Einstein creating the Theory of Relativity and E=mc2, there are some other interesting facts about the man with the wild hair.

17 Funniest Warning Giving Signs Ever Found

Keep your eyes on the road for hilarious signs like these and try not to laugh. Although, be warned, this fantastic collection is guaranteed to make you fail at this task. These are the funniest road signs ever found.

Top 10 Songs of 2012

By : Ahmed Saeed

Songs are believed to sooth the nerves down, or help in changing one's mood. These modern music has the ability to do just about anything - motivation, depression, deep thoughts, innovation. There is not a single person on earth who doesn’t listen to songs and there are many singers who sing different types of songs and then there are those singers whose every song is a gem. It reaches to the top in no time and you wish that they keep on releasing such beautiful songs.
Compiled here is a list of Top 10 songs of 2012. Your list might be different from mine but these songs would not be hated by anyone!

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