Saturday, July 26, 2014

Five Things To Consider Before Sitting In Front Of A Computer

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Posted : June 2012
Author : Prashanth

Are we all productive when we are supposed to be? Do we finish all the allocated tasks within the time frame provided to us? Why do we need to unnecessarily burn the midnight oil when deadlines crush us? What can be done to avoid such situations and be more effective, productive and lead a healthier lifestyle? Read on for the answers.

Weirdest Highway Accident Ever

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Author : the admin

A small plane made an emergency landing on a highway when it ran out of fuel and was struck by a car . Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt but the incident cause a big traffic jam.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

15 Weirdest Houses Ever Seen

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Posted : 2013
Author : Eric Token

15  The Steel House, Lubbock, Texas
Designed by Robert Bruno, an architect and sculptor, it looks like a fantastic creature made of 110 tons of steel. Bruno started building it in 1973, and it took him 35 years to complete. It’s been called “Metal Mansion” for years.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Top 10 Symbiotic Marine Buddies

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Posted : January 2010
Author : Listmaster

One can’t live without the other – this is the nature of a truly symbiotic relationship, and in the wilds of nature it is often a very delicately balanced situation. Evolution is an amazing thing but species that evolve together can be all the more spectacular, protecting, feeding and cleaning one another in incredible ways. In the oceans, sharks pair with fish, fish with shrimp and shrimp with sea cucumbers and much much more. From boxing crabs that wield poisonous anemones as weapons to shrimp that scour the mouths of electric eels, here are seven of the most radical symbiotic relationships from the shallowest to the deepest waters of our world. And of course this is only the life that we know about; it is most likely that even more bizarre creatures exist at the depths we have not yet begun to understand. So this list will present what we do know about symbiotic life-buddies in the oceans.
The two most obvious symbiotic relationships involve food associations (commensalism) and associations in which both host and symbiont benefit (mutualism). These two are very close, but in commensalism, the issue is only food and its usually only the symbiont that benefits directly.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Language And Meaning Of Rose Colours

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Posted : July 2007
Author : the admin

Expressing feelings of love, affection, friendship, thankfulness, joy and several other feelings that makes our life beautiful and rewarding is not always easy. Some people use poetry, roses and many other things to express their feelings. However sending the appropriate rose color bouquet convey messages in a very special and beautiful way.

Top 10 Most Expensive Houses In The World

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Posted : April 2012
Author : Shraddha Yawalkar

From a heated flooring system to a room dedicated to the art of gift-wrapping, these homes have got it all. Some of them will make even the rich and the famous sit up and take notice. Presenting the 10 most expensive houses in the world.

10 Science Stuff You Got Wrong At School

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Posted : March 2006
Author : the admin

1.  Water IS blue, not just because of the sky
Many believe that lakes and oceans are blue "only" because they reflect the blue sky. Actually water looks blue because water is blue; the water molecules do absorb some light, and they absorb red frequencies more than blue. The effect is small, so the blue color only becomes obvious when observing layers of water many meters (or more) thick. (This effect is noticeable to a lesser amount in white-painted swimming pools.) In salt water or mineral-laden fresh water, the color of dissolved minerals can also be seen. Sky-reflection does play a role, but only when the water surface is very calm, and only when the water is observed at a glancing angle less than approximately ten degrees.

Monday, July 21, 2014

My Feelings Can Best Described By Viewing These 27 Pictures

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Posted : November 2012
Author : the admin

How I feel being 27/m and single…

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Strange Looking Soviet Plane

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Posted : October 2013
Author : the admin

The Bartini Beriev VVA-14 Vertikal`no-Vzletayuschaya Amphibia (vertical take-off amphibious aircraft) was developed in the Soviet Union during the 1970s. Designed to be able to take-off from the water and fly at high speed over long distances, it was to make true flights at high altitude, but also have the capability of 'flying' efficiently just above the sea surface, using ground effect. The VVA-14 was designed by Robert Bartini in answer to a perceived requirement to destroy United States Navy Polaris missile submarines.

Food Hacks That Will Solve Hunger In A Few Minutes

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Posted : May 2014
Author : Charlene

Have you ever been so hungry, that you feel you can’t even wait a minute more to eat? Have you ever been so hungry, but have really no money to go out and get a good meal? Have you ever been so hungry, gone to the pantry closet, and haven’t been able to find a single good thing to eat? That’s when food hacks come in handy. Turn your few basic ingredients at home, into amazing meals in a matter of minutes. Check these quick and easy recipes that will take your empty belly, into holy delicious fullness!

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