Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Study : Yoga Causes Mental Illness

CAMBRIDGE, U.K. – A large new study done by scientists at Cambridge University prove that yoga helps lower back pain but causes mental illness. The largest study ever done about the benefits of yoga examined over 5,800 people who did yoga regularly over a two-year period. It concluded that yoga is extremely effective at relieving lower back pain, but yoga caused mental deficiencies in 80% of those studied and some kind of mental illness in over 72% of participants.

Unusual African Pets

Yep, hamsters are not so popular in Africa. Cats and dogs are also boring. They need something more aggresive in nature, something that ordinary people would not think of taking home. So they have some wild animals as pets. Enjoy these...

The Superbus

Buying cars for several million dollars is already a habit for the rich people. But, how about a luxury bus for the 13 million euros? In Amsterdam is held a luxury exhibition called Millionaire Fair. Among the rare perfumes and gold ornaments was presented a 15-foot long superbus. Check it out.

Rare Cyclops Shark Found

MEXICO - An extremely rare cyclops shark was recently discovered. The 22-inch-long fetus has a single, functioning eye at the front of its head - the hallmark of a congenital condition called cyclopia, which occurs in several animal species, including humans.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stories of Weddings That Ended in Disaster

The wedding guest who shot himself playing Russian roulette during the reception
In 2010, a Russian wedding ended in tragedy after a game of Russian roulette went wrong, leaving one guest with a life-threatening gunshot wound to his head. A home video of the wedding in Astrakhan, southern Russia, shows a grinning friend of the groom unexpectedly pulling a pistol from his waistband, putting it to his temple and squeezing the trigger. The gun emits only a clicking sound and the smiling gunman asks who else wants to try his luck.

The Making Of Some Extreme Pizza

This is the World Cup of pizza that was held in April in the northern part of Italy. The pizza makers acrobatically twirled some of the best pizza dough to win.

Most Expensive Number Plate In The World

If you’ve ever bought or looked into buying a personalised number plate of your own, you’ll know that prices can vary from a few hundred pounds to the hundreds of thousands or more, begging the question… just how much are people prepared to pay to get the digits of their choice?

Here we’ve compiled the top 5 most expensive number plates to have ever been sold across the world, and we’ve taken the liberty of using the Demon Plates Number Plate Builder to show off how great they’d look using our fantastic (and perfectly legal) 3D carbon lettering. So if Roman, Mike, Afzal, Talal or Saeed are reading this, give us a call and lets talk!

You don’t have to have a six-digit priced registration number to benefit from awesome looking Demon Plates bespoke Number Plates. Whether you’re jazzing up a private plate or just want your regular registration to look it’s very best, try our Plate Builder today and see the difference custom Number Plates from Demon Plates could make.

Stuxnet Worm, A Cyber-Weapon Of Mass Destruction

Ralph Langer spoke at TED and gives a startling clarity into the true nature of this virus. His short presentations gives some startling insight into the Stuxnet worm, and how it achieves it’s goals in four steps.

* Infect as many computers possible, and spread.
* If lands on a target computer, drop the payload.
* The payload roots into a non windows based hardware PLC Hardware that controls valves and reports values like temp, speed etc. and reports “Good” values, while actually ignoring hi temps, and not closing valves like it should.
* After causing some slight problems, the 2nd bigger payload destroys the machine in the nuclear facility, violently and effectively.

Why Zippers Have YKK On Them?

The YKK stands for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha (say that five times fast). In 1934 Tadao Yoshida founded Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha (translated Yoshida Industries Limited). This company is now the world's foremost zipper manufacturer, making about 90% of all zippers in over 206 facilities in 52 countries. In fact, they not only make the zippers, they also make the machines that make the zippers; no word on if they make the machines that make the parts that make up the machines that make the zippers.

How Did Harry Houdini Died?

As the story goes, Houdini was in his dressing room attempting to impress some college students. He boasted that, by flexing his ab muscles, he could withstand any of their hardest blows. One of the students started punching Houdini before he was prepared, which caused him to double over in pain.

Where The Word "LEGO" Comes From

In 1934, Danish carpenter Ol Kirk Kristiansen, the founder of what we now know of as Lego®, asked his staff to come up with a good name for his growing toy company. The two names that ended up being finalists were “Legio” and “Lego”. The first was a reference to a “legion” as in a “Legion of toys”. The second, which won out, was made from a contraction of “leg godt”, which is a Danish phrase meaning “play well”.

Interestingly, “lego” is also a Latin word meaning “to gather or collect”, which is somewhat fitting, given what their most popular product ended up being.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Top 10 Most Dangerous Traditions Around the World in Modern Era

Tradition (Latin: traditio) in the simplest sense is something that has been done for a long time and become part of the lives of a group of people, usually from a country, culture, time, or the same religion. The most fundamental thing of tradition is the information transmitted from generation to generation, both written and (often) oral, because without it a tradition may be extinct. In some parts of the world, some traditions is physically harm and sometimes even death, the following list of harmful traditions in the modern era.

10. New Years Dive: Siberia, Russia
Russian divers perform the tradition of diving into the lake, which reaches 5390 feet to bring the new year trees and the trees planted in it. It seems not that dangerous, but the lake that some people called the deepest lake in the world is under the ice, and to do this they have to cut the surface of the ice in very cold condition. This tradition has lasted since the year 1982.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why Fingers Wrinkle In Water

Today I found out why fingers wrinkle in water. For the quick answer, water washes away an oily substance that protects your skin. When that happens, a certain type of dead cell on your skin will absorb the water causing the cells to swell up, but the layer underneath does not. So the swelling, combined with the places the skin is connected underneath to the non-swelled layer, causes your finger tips to look all wrinkly.

So that’s the quick, generic answer.

22 Colourful Examples Of Macro Photography

Macro photography is close-up photography. The classical definition is that the image projected on the “film plane” is close to the same size as the subject. Lenses designed for macro are usually at their sharpest at macro focus distances and are not quite as sharp at other focus distances.

In recent years, the term macro has been used in marketing material to mean being able to focus on a subject close enough so that when a regular 6×4 inch (15×10 cm) print is made, the image is life-size or larger. With 35mm film this requires a magnification ratio of only approximately 1:4, which demands a lower lens quality than 1:1. With digital cameras the actual image size is rarely stated, so that the magnification ratio is largely irrelevant; cameras instead advertise their closest focusing distance.

Enjoy this 22 colorful macro shots.

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