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Top 10 Most Poisonous Animals

Whenever we hear the phrase poisonous animals the very first things which strike our minds are snakes, scorpions and may be spiders but the reality is this that there are creatures in this world which are much more dangerous than ordinary garden snakes or scorpions. The animals on the list are not listed on the basis of total annual deaths caused by them but on the level of the venomousness of their poison which they have. Nature has granted the gift of poison to these animals for their defense and these poisonous animals don’t hesitate to use it against any predator. Before moving further we would like to differentiate between poison and venom because most of us use these words interchangeably but both have separate meanings. A poisonous animal can only deliver toxic chemicals if any predator touches or tries to eat it. In short words the poison can only be absorbed or ingested while in case of a venom, the venom is always inject in to the body. Almost every venomous animal has a defined mechanism of injecting toxins in to the other creature’s body. So enjoy the list of top 10 most poisonous animals and share the knowledge for fun.

10. Puffer Fish
Puffer Fish is counted among some of the most dangerous sea creatures which we are aware of. Puffer Fish has many substitute names which could make it understand about the specific fish like balloon fish, blow fish, swell fish and few more.  Despite being dangerous, it is one of the most favorite sea foods worldwide. Puffer Fish is one of the most demanded sea food dishes worldwide. The toxin of Puffer Fish is 1000 times stronger than cyanide. The poison of Puffer Fish is located within its skin which helps it not getting eaten by predators in the sea.

9. Poison dart frog
Poison dart frog
is found only on the island of Bastimentos. From a distance, this animal looks cute and attractive but in reality even a single touch can be a matter of life and death. There are almost 200 species in frogs which are poisonous but poison dart frog is the most poisonous among frog species. Poison dart frogs get their names from being used by native inhabitants of the rain forest who rubbed their arrow heads and darts on these frogs and used these weapons to effectively to kill larger mammals or enemies.

8. Stonefish
is counted in the list of most venomous fishes of the world because of its deadly pointed and sharp spines which penetrate flesh and inject its extremely dangerous toxin. Among almost 1100 toxic fishes in the world, Stonefish is the counted among the leading ones. The specialty of this fish is its stony looking body. It sits unmoving at the ocean bottom and looks like a stone unless you have a very close and keen look. Stonefish can stay out of the water for up to 24 hours! One more thing which makes Stonefish very dangerous is that its anti venom is the 2nd most administered on the planet.

7. Death stalker scorpion
Death stalker scorpion
is one of the most deadly scorpions present in this world now. The frightening name was given to this predator because of the toxic punch unleashed by it. It grows up to just 10 to 12 centimeters and mostly found in the Sahara desert but it is counted in the top list of most dangerous scorpions of the world. There are more than 1200 species of scorpions but the death stalker scorpion is counted in the leading ones just because of its toxic venom.

6. Wandering spider
Wandering spider
is one of the most deadly spiders present in our world right now. It is also known as armed spider because of its aggressive nature. A part from being the most venomous spider of the world, the Wandering spider is also counted in the list of top 10 biggest bugs of the world. Because of its toxic levels, Wandering spider was listed in the Guinness book of world records as most venomous spider ever and the spider which is responsible for most of the human deaths (caused by spiders). Wandering spider got its name because of its night life hunting.

5. Blue ringed Octopus
Out of the 300 species present, Blue ringed Octopus is the most Venomous Octopus. Although the size of Blue ringed Octopus is not bigger than a golf ball but the toxics which it carries are enough to kill more than 2 dozen of human beings in one time. Blue ringed Octopus got its name because of its attractive skin which has glowing Blue rings. The tide pools of the Pacific Ocean are the best locations for Blue ringed Octopus because it’s found in majority there. Because of its poisonous venom, Blue ringed Octopus is also counted in the list of top most venomous marine animals.

4. Inland Taipan
Inland Taipan
is the most venomous snake in the world. It has many names but the most commonly known ones are Fierce Snake and Small Scaled Snake. When it comes to catching or handle snakes, Inland Taipan is the one for which extremely precautions should be taken because it possesses enough venom to kill above 100 healthy human beings in one bite. One unique thing about Inland Taipan is that it’s very much shy natured and doesn’t attack without a risk reason but when it is angry, it does not hesitate to bite. Any unfortunate human being who has been bitten can die in less than 45 minutes if not treated immediately.

3. Marbled Cone Snail
Marbled Cone Snail
may look like a beautiful small piece of marble color shaped cone, but is one of the most deadly creatures of this planet. A single drop of the extremely toxic venom of Marbled Cone Snail can become a cause of death of 20 human beings. Marbled Cone Snails prey on worms and small fishes. One of the most disturbing things about Marbled Cone Snail is that there is no anti –venom for it. So, it is strictly advised not to be fooled by its beautiful looks and mistakenly grabbing it just by doubting how these cute looking snails can be dangerous.

2. King Cobra
King Cobra
is the leading snake in most of the aspects like delivering venom in huge quantities and growing up to 18 feet in length which makes them count not in the list of most venomous snakes but also in the longest venomous snake of the world. Although the venom injected by King Cora is not as much as compared to other poisonous animals but due to injecting massive amount of toxic poison, one bite can lead to death of a normal human being within 10 to 15 minutes. King Cobra is mostly found in India, Philippine and Indonesia.

1. Box Jellyfish
There are almost 30,000 species of the Jellyfish worldwide but the Box Jellyfish is the most toxic of them all. Its venom is stored in almost 5000 of the threaded shaped stingers present in its lower body and it completely wreaks the human nervous and cardiac system like no other creature in the world. The Box Jellyfish gets its name from its transparent box shaped body. Box Jellyfish is found mostly in the water of Northern Australia and usually in shallow waters. It was recently discovered that this type of jellyfishes have 4 eyes but how they use them is not known. The only creatures naturally immune to theses dangerous marine assassins are turtles who love to eat them!

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