Friday, August 5, 2011

The Cardboard Box That Fits Anything

Boxes have traditionally been the taskmasters of shipping. But what about those oddly shaped items that don’t quite sit right in a box or require a larger box and thus leads to increased waste? Well, now there’s a solution and it’s called the Universal Packaging System (UPS), though this is not an official UPS product.

By designer Patrick Sung, the cardboard sheet is covered with a pattern that makes it easy to fold and conform to any shape. Obviously, you’d need bigger pieces for shipping larger items, but the idea is golden and the product could likely be produced for less than traditional boxes. If UPS or another company adopts this concept, they won’t be the only ones getting rid of boxes.

The patterns make it easy to fold and conform to almost any shape while maintaining structural rigidity and protecting the contents. Potentially massive savings would result from all the extra shipping space saved–cutting down on how much space each package takes up, and therefore the number of gas-guzzling trucks needed during shipping.

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