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Old Photos Of Weird Artilleries In History

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Posted : February 2011
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Artillery in the war played an important role since it was invented, this heavy weapon can cause heavy loss to enemy. Below are the old photos of weird artilleries in history.

United States 914 mm Mortar

British Blacker Bombard mortar

Russian 58 mm trench mortars.

Finland 160 mm mortar

German 250 mm heavy mortars

Russian 203 mm self-propelled artillery

Italy 45 mm mortar

British 29 mm mortar

The world’s largest cannon – Dora Gun
Dora Gun is a super-range giant cannon which is developed in secret after Hitler came to power.
Diameter: 800mm
In the service: 1942
Length: about 43m
Shell weight: 7100kg
High: 12m
Gross weight: 1,350 tons
Maximum elevation: 53 degrees
Effective range: 40km
Manufacturer: Krupp

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