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Top 10 Most Humiliating Sports Injuries

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Posted : January 2012
Author : Joseph Pickett

Sometimes some of the world’s finest athletes injure themselves in really humiliating and stupid ways. What’s a better way to have fun than to make fun of these famous people in their worst moments? Our top 10 is below.

10. Carlos Boozer – Chicago Bulls
The basketball Chicago Bulls drafted Boozer to be their first high scoring big man in 30 years. Their plan has not worked out yet. In 2010, he managed to trip over his gym bag when he was opening the door at his home. As he caught himself, he heard his hand pop. He broke his hand opening a door. That’s pretty humiliating.

9. Tom Glavine – Atlanta Braves
The baseball Atlanta Brave’s star reliever got violently air sick when he was traveling between games in 2002. As he stumbled to the bathroom to puke, he tripped and fell awkwardly into a seat. He suffered a broken rib and missed the rest of the season. Humiliating? We vote yes!

8. Joel Zumaya – Detroit Tigers
Joel Zumaya is a great fastballer for the baseball Detroit Tigers. Most batters can’t put a dent in this guy. But Joel has one weakness: Guitar Hero. He was forced to miss the American League Championship Series in 2006 because his wrist was so sore from playing GH for hours. Humiliating to miss the most important games of your career because of a video game? We think so.

7. Bret Barberie – Montreal Expos
Brett is not a well known humiliated athlete, but the sheer humiliation factor here is too much to pass up. Barbarie played for the baseball Montreal Expos (now the Washington Nationals). On an off day, he made himself a plate of nachos, complete with chili peppers and hot sauce. He neglected to wash his hands afterwards. Then he put in his contacts. It was like dumping salsa in your eyeballs. He was in so much pain he had to miss several games.

6. Kendry Morales – California Angels
How many of us manage to hit a grand slam in the baseball majors? Not many of us. How many of us manage to hit a grand slam in the majors and then break a leg? Even fewer, we think.
Kendry Morales played for the California Angels. After he blasted a grand slam, he jumped on home plate after rounding the bases. And shattered his left leg. Humiliating? You make the call. Here’s a hint – YES!

5. Bill Gramatica – St. Louis Cardinals
The football Arizona Cardinals once had a kicker by the name of Bill Gramatica. When he was a rookie, he got very excited after kicking a 40 yard field goal. He started jumping up and down. His joyous moment turned to agony as he tore his ACL and was on the IR for the rest of the season. His NFL career was kaput three years later.

4.Glenallen Hill – California Angels
The baseball Colorado Rockies outfielder is scared to death of spiders. He had a nightmare about them at home, ran out of bed to fight them off. He promptly fell down the stairs. He missed a few games and was pretty humiliated.

3. Gus Frerrote – Minnesota Vikings
Gus Frerotte was not one of the best quarterbacks to ever play, and he also wasn’t the brightest bulb in the lamp post, either. After his team scored a touchdown in game, he headbutted a cement wall and put himself in the hospital and on the IR.

2.Lindsey Vonn – Skier
Lindsey Vonn is a great skier, but she is not a very good champagne opener. When she won the 2009 World Championship, she wanted to party with some friends. She grabbed one of her skis to pry open the bottle. The bottle exploded and poor Lindsey tore open her thumb and had to have surgery to repair a tendon. Man, is that humiliating!

1. Paulo Diogo – Soccer Player
This is a real photo. This soccer player lost a finger in a soccer match. After a late score, he jumped onto a fence that separated the field from the thousands of screaming fans. When he leapt off the fence, he ripped off his finger. He even got a yellow card as part of his humiliation.

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