Tuesday, December 17, 2013

4 Ancient Sea Monsters Still Alive Today

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Posted : November 2013
Author : Damien

Some of the coolest creatures from prehistoric times lived in the sea. Giant, razor-toothed fish that could eat a great white whole made our seas and oceans look incredibly tame by comparison. Luckily though, some never left, and the waters of our planet remain as mysterious and exciting as ever.

Predating the dinosaurs, these slimy sea denizens have a lot to brag about; you don’t survive for over 300 million years by accident. They have virtually no known natural predators, due to living in the deepest abysses, and because of the viscous slime they produce which damages any who try to prey on them. They have one skull, two brains and no spine, leaving many scientists baffled as to how to categorize them. They spend their days feeding on the carcasses that sink to the ocean floor, so if you happen to take a trip to Davy Jones’ locker, this is what’ll be picking your bones clean.

Thought for a long time to have gone extinct with the dinosaurs, a live specimen was discovered in South Africa in 1938, and a totally different coelacanth species was caught in Indonesia in 1992. These ancient creatures can grow to be well over 6 foot in length, and can even feed on sharks. Because they are so endangered, and due to the fact that they live in deep, dark waters, it is extremely rare to see one.

Alligator Gar
So hey, ancient fish are scary. Alligators are scary, too. So nature for some reason decided to combine the two. This fish can grow up to 13 foot in length, and can weigh as much as 440lbs, making it the largest freshwater fish in North America. Despite being a freshwater fish, don’t think that being at sea will save you; alligator gar can enter the sea too.

Frilled Shark
One of the most primitive sharks alive today, the frilled shark is as old as the dinosaurs. These ancient sharks are so rare that they have only recently been filmed alive, most are dead or dying when they are found. They live in deep waters and eat squid, and they can grow to be well over 6 foot in length. To survive as an apex predator for so long, through all the evolutionary changes, and still be able to survive and thrive in the sea is an extremely impressive feat that this prehistoric monster can claim.


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