Friday, December 6, 2013

Top Ten Dates On A Budget

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Posted : January 2012 (?)
Author : Anam Ameen

The recession has effected love. People have stopped going out and thanks to television everyone has super high expectations of romance. When a new relationship is blossoming the couple would want to meet each other all the time. However going out all the time gets quite expensive and if you want to impress that someone, the best offer would be ones that are free or pretty cheap. So here are ten ways to impress a girl and you don’t have to scrimp on ideas. If you're high on love but short on cash these places are fun and wont make a dent in your wallet.

10. Bowling Alley
All you need are game tickets and a pair of silly bowling shoes. Cool music, cheap snacks and lots of high-fiving contact. You will both be wearing silly shoes but hey, that is something you guys can laugh about later

9. The School game
A date at your high school or college basketball/football/baseball game. Getting psyched up for your school is a great way to bond, plus it could be a great way to display your finger whistling skills!

8. The Matinee Movie
Since matinees are at a bargain price you can save up and get snacks too. The reason this is totally cute and fun is cause you get to cuddle with your date and a bonus if she holds your hand if its a scary movie!

7. A Pottery Painting Place
The artsy stuff will get your mind of the stress of the first date, plus you both will have something to give to each other at the end of the day - not everyone can say that they got a present on a first date!

6. The Zoo
Not only is this fun but its a great place to take pictures, especially if you are both animal lovers. And you can impress your date with your knowledge of the animal kingdom.

5. Picnic in the Park
The sweetest way of bonding is to make food together and eat it together in the park on a beautiful sunny day. The clear skies, the soft wind blowing and looking into each others eyes as the birds chirp in the trees. Sigh! if that isn’t romantic than I don’t know what is. The way through a man’s heart is through his stomach. For a dude she will be super impressed at your romantic style if you pick a flower for her.

4. The Miniature Golf Course
This is a great way to amp up some healthy competition and since you  both will be equally good (or bad) at this game there wont be any hurt egos in the process. Plus you can always get closer to learn.

3. The Local Coffee Shop
Looking into your lover’s eyes at a moody coffee shop can be heavenly. For a laugh put a little milk foam at the end of your nose. Works every time.

2. The Local Karaoke Joint
How can he help but bot love your version of Dev’s’ Bass down low’. Nothing cuts the tension of first date jitters like an off-key song.

1. Volunteering at an Orphanage
This is a fab idea because you will get to see the caring side of your date and you both will get that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know that you have done something really good for someone else.


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