Friday, December 20, 2013

Can The Right Clothes Impress Girls and Intimidate Men?

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Posted : December 2013
Author : Damien

Clothes talk, a lot; like chicks telling stories about each other. Every style has a story to tell, and you need to make sure that story is the right story. Manly. A manly story.

Stylish, But Poorly Fitted
Nothing says “I bought my clothes on recommendations by Justin Bieber” like nice clothes that doesn’t fit you good. It’s awkward, it leaves your body looking odd, and it’s just a waste of money (that nice shirt still cost $100, even if it fits like crap). Do yourself a favor and make sure you try on every piece of clothing before you buy it. If you’re ordering online, check the measurement charts, and don’t keep anything that doesn’t fit you absolutely perfect. If you don’t love it, return it!

The Unoriginal Copy-Cat
Of course you'd wear that. Of course. If you wear shirts with big brand names embedded across the front, there’s a good chance you fall in this category. You should always be adding some sort of personal flair to your clothes. Something that makes the outfit stand out as yours; not just a walking advertisement.

All Mixed Up
Don’t mix styles. If you do, the end result is something that will have the ladies looking the other way. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear a different syle day-to-day, it just means to stick to a theme for every outfit. Think a tight t-shirt with baggy pants. Or Air Jordans with formal wear: just don’t do it.

Calm, Cool, Collected
Sometimes it just works. The style is trending, but he has a dash of personality in it. It’s unique, it looks great, it fits great, it is great. This is what every man should strive for. Buy quality clothing and have it fitted by a skilled tailor. To achieve this level of awesome - 100% guaranteed the dude in the picture smells like money all day long - you need to pay careful attention to small details. Matching socks, a well-fitted belt, and a nice watch got a long way in making you look great. And for the love of god, get a hair cut, you animal. Bald? Shave. Comb overs don't work.


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