Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sealander Amphibious Camping Trailer

Original source : http://hiconsumption.com
Posted : November 2013
Author : Sam Jordan

If James Bond went camping, this might be his rig of choice. The Sealander starts off all normal-like, being towed by your SUV along the countryside, looking for a nice little lakeside nook to settle into and listen to some Carly Simon with a bottle of Pinot Noir or something. But then, faster than you can say… well, OK, spell amphibious, the Sealander is ready for water exploration. 

Just attach the outboard engine to the stern and you’re ready to get away from land-based hassles and test out the motion of the ocean. There’s seating for six, plenty of room for storage, and the adjustable sunroof will probably inject more romance into your camping trip than any weenie roast ever could. You can add onto the basic package with a cooler, sound system or toilet if you like. Even better, no fancy boating license is necessary to operate the Sealander. But really, could 007 ever be bothered to fill out paperwork?


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