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Top 10 Modern Lifestyle Factors Causing Cancer

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Posted : December 2012
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Cancer has become a monster for health care systems world over. It is an emotionally, physically and financially draining illness not only for patients and caregivers but also for the state apparatus. The key findings of most of the research studies, carried out about cancer are that 1 in 3 cancer cases can be prevented if people adopt a healthier lifestyle. Following is the list of such factors which, if avoided, can prevent the occurrence of cancer.

10. Exogenous Hormones:
Use of hormonal contraceptives in young females and hormone replacement therapy in elderly females account for 1% of all cancers in women.

9. Reproductive Factors:
Avoiding to breastfeed is becoming quite popular among young females because probably they don’t know that 2% of all cancers in women are linked with breastfeeding for less than 6 months (often not breastfeeding at all).

8. Exposure To Radiation:
Exposure to ionizing radiation can occur in general or working environment, which is linked to 1.8% of all cases of cancer.

7. Infections:
Infections cause around 3.1% of all cancers. Human papillomavirus (HPV),  Helicobacter pylori, Epstein Barr virus, hepatitis B and C viruses, HIV and human herpes virus are all closely linked with cancer.

6. Sunlight And Sunbeds:
Exposure to sunlight is a well known cause of cancer and 3.5% of all cancers are caused by people laying on sunbeds. Sunbeds are held responsible for 85% of all malignant melanoma cases.

5. Occupation:
Poor working conditions such as polluted environment cause around 3.7% of cancers. Lung cancer and mesothelioma are the biggest problems especially among coalmine and industrial workers.

4. Alcohol:
Drinking too much alcohol causes around 4% of all cancer cases. Alcohol is linked with cancers of the oral cavity, pharynx, larynx and oesophagus.

3. Obesity:
An excess of body weight/fat causes many health problems including 5.5% of all cancers, which can be avoided if people just lost weight. Women are at greater risk from obesity than men, obesity being the second biggest risk factor in women. Obesity is linked with cancers of the uterus, kidney and oesophagus. Visceral obesity (belly fat) is especially dangerous.

2. Poor Diet:
Out of total number of cancer cases 9.2% have been attributed to inappropriate diet. A diet lacking in fruits and vegetables, too much red and processed meat, too little fiber and too much salt are all risk factors. Recent development is that a strong association has been found between pork consumption and primary liver cancer. Apart from cancer pork has also been found to cause liver cirrhosis and multiple sclerosis.

1. Tobacco Use:
Despite all the legislation, public awareness, education and health campaigns, tobacco is still the biggest problem, accounting for 23% of all cancer cases in men.

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