Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The First Ever Ford Mustang Sold Is Still On The Road Today

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Posted : March 2014
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The first ever Ford Mustang that was sold is surprisingly still running and on the road. The car was sold back in 1964 and even more incredible is that it is still owned by the same person who purchased the car on the special day.

The Ford Mustang was bought by 22 year old third grade teacher Gail Wise back in 1964 on the 15th April for $3400.

Gail Wise bought the car two days before the then completely new Ford Mustang was supposed to go on sale. But for the recent college graduate, it just so happened to be her lucky day. Gail who needed a car to get to her new job went with her parents to the local Ford dealership, where a salesman was all too happy to show her the Mustang hidden in the back.

Technically, he wasn’t supposed to sell it to anyone for another couple of days, but business is business. Up until now, Wise and her husband haven’t heard of anyone else buying a Mustang before April 17, 1964.

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