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5 Of The Weirdest Japanese Technologies And Inventions

Original source : http://www.techeblog.com
Posted : November 2011
Author : Staff

While Japan has brought us a great number of technologies that people take for granted today, they have also came up with some of the weirdest inventions ever. For example, we have a real-life "Shit Burger". Continue reading to see them all.

1. Feces-Based Meat
Yes, the term "turd burger" can now be used properly, thanks to this Japanese researcher's latest creation. Simply put, he extracts the protein from human excrement, adds reaction enhancer, puts it in the exploder, and then it's ready to be cooked.

2. Singing Mouse
According to the AFP, scientists at Japan's University of Osaka have genetically engineered a singing mouse of sorts. That's right, researcher Arikuni Uchimura noticed "a mouse that was singing like a bird" one day.

3. Spray-Can Cooling Foam
Japanese researchers have developed a spray-can cooling foam that supposedly feels like an ice pack. That's not all, there's also a fizz spray which cools the surface of your skin to -9C. Strangely enough, these cooling sprays apparently aren't brand new, but a thing isn't a "thing" until it goes mainstream in Japan, and this summer that's what's happening. City-dwellers are using the products to cool down on the subways or on the streets.

4. Holographic Pop Star
We have seen the future of pop stars, and it's holographic. That's right, Japan's Crypton Future Media has unleashed upon the world what may be the future of pop music in the creepily realistic, holographic singing idol Hatsune Miku. Simply put, "the twist here is that Crypton took things to the next level by making the character into a hologram and actually putting their avatar on tour, playing to huge enthusiastic audiences."

5. Rice to Bread Machine
Called the Sanyo GOPAN, this innovative machine turns grains of rice into tasty loaves of bread, using the "rice paste" method. Sure, "you need to pour in the other bread ingredients too, but the point is that it will turn rice into bread without requiring you to hunt for pricey rice flour."

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