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Top 10 Futuristic Mobile Phones

By Ashley Turner (July 2013)

Within the last ten years mobile phones have evolved from simple feature phones to smart devices that we rely on in our everyday lives. The industry is moving fast, with manufacturers unveiling unlimited numbers of smartphones within short spaces of time – but what can we expect from the future? Rumours about what’s next from the biggest smartphone manufacturers are constantly floating around the internet. From flexible handsets to eye tracking security systems it’s all seeming pretty 007 – and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to get in on that.
Here’s our list of futuristic phone concepts that we wish were real.

1. Kyocera’s Flexible, Folding Phone Concept
This one was announced a few years ago but we are still yet to see any flexible phones emerge on to the market. Reports are emerging this year that top brands like Apple and Samsung have secured patents for flexible glass, so we could see some in the near future. This concept has a flexible screen which can be folded to resemble a clutch – one for the ladies perhaps!

2. LG Paper Touch
It seems that future phone concepts often involve making the device smaller – and in this case if you can’t bend it, fold it instead. This literally paper-thin smartphone concept suggests that manufacturers could carry on making mobiles thinner and thinner. The idea of this device is that it is tablet sized, but can be folded down to a smartphone making it an incredibly practical, futuristic mobile device.

3. Palm iPhone wrist projection concept
This futuristic iPhone concept is a wrist device which projects the display on to your palm – and they could be closer to this than we thought when you consider Apple’s recent iWatch patent. Forget thinner phones, this would be almost non-existent. You would be able to use your fingers to control the display as you do now – hopefully they’d update the OS before then though.

4. Ear cell phone concept
Do you spend so much time on your phone that you just can’t be bothered to hold it anymore? Well, this could be the answer. This flexi-phone allows you to pop the centre piece out to provide an ear clip. The clip would even perform in a chameleon-like way by matching its colour to your skin tone when attached.

5. LG Flutter Phone
You can probably tell why this one has the name LG flutter without too much explanation. We think it looks like something out of a spy film. The idea is that you press the circular LG button in the middle, which opens the phone like a fan revealing a touchscreen display which works similarly to smartphones now.

6. Phillips Fluid Phone
Here’ another flexible future option. This device, by Brazilian designer Dinard da Mata, would be made of flexible OLED and can be curled up on your wrist or straightens out to be used as a normal smartphone. We’re probably more likely to see this sooner than the palm iPhone.

7. Nokia 888 Mobile Phone
Designer Tamer Nakisci says that this phone understands and adjusts to different environments due to its speech recognition, touch sensitive frame, liquid battery and speech recognition. The idea is that you don’t have to carry it in your hand, or even on your wrist – as it adapts so you can carry it in any way you could possible want.

8. Glass phone concept
If you are prone to smashing phone displays or the smudgy finger prints on your screen drive you crazy then this concept is probably your worst nightmare. The idea is from designer Mac Funamizu who thinks its appealing look would be popular with users – other than the transparent look this would function like a normal smartphone though.

9. Nokia HumanForm
Here’s the perfect device for those who just can’t choose between flexibility and transparency – this Nokia concept would be eagerly awaited by the geeks of the smartphone world. But its talents don’t just end here. The device would also be able to read a user’s mood and could mold itself to the right shape to optimise your user experience.

10. LG folding headphones
Here’s a future concept for the music lovers out there. This concept headset set doubles up as a phone, meaning you could store your music and listen to it all on one device without any wires, as well as making those important calls and texts. It folds up so you can use it to play with every day smartphone features as well, making it extremely portable.

Future smartphone concepts summary
In a nutshell, it seems that most people designing future phones are looking at flexible options that literally mould to fit people’s lives. With manufacturers now creating phones which allow people to carry their lives around in their pockets, it’s hard to believe than many of these tiny, paper thin, bendy phones are possible – but they certainly do seem to be the future. It’s going to be an exciting evolution for smartphone technology.

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