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Top 5 Phones in Movies

By Charlotte Kertrestel (June 2013)

The last thing you’re probably concentrating on while you’re chomping your way through a box of salted popcorn or slurping on a large Diet Coke at the movies is which mobile phones your favourite characters are using. But it would seem that advertising in movies is big business for major mobile phone manufacturers, who have been keen for their handsets to be bandied about on the big screen. If you like any of these in the list (other than the shoe), why not check them out over at this site?
So what are the top 5 most popular phones used in movies?

Sony Xperia T - Sky Fall
One phone that you’ll all be aware of if you’re a James Bond fan is the Sony Xperia T, or, as it has become, ‘the James Bond Phone’. Sony’s product placement is scattered all the way through the latest Bond movie, Sky Fall, featuring a Sony VAIO laptop and Sony Cyber-Shot camera. The Sony Xperia T isn’t the only phone that has featured in a Bond film either; in 2006 Daniel Craig sported a Sony Ericsson K800i in Casino Royale, whilst Bond girl Vesper Lynd shows off her Sony Ericsson M600i. After all, if James Bond’s got it, it must be the top phone out there, surely?! Why don’t you find what sort of deal you can get on the best mobile phone

Bespoke Samsung phone - Oceans 13
Oceans 13, similarly to James Bond, is full of gadgetry and espionage, so we wouldn’t be expecting anything less than the best when it comes to the devices used in the movie. The phone which is handed to Al Pacino was custom made by Samsung, and looks a little like a Vertu phone, coated in gold and laced with diamonds. However, in true action-movie style, the Samsung phone secretly contains a magnetron device which helps shut down his casino security system…
Ok so you won’t be seeing this gold Samsung handset on the market any time soon, but it sure is one of the prettiest phones you’ll see at the movies!

BlackBerry 8700 - Sex and the City 2
Apart from the iPhone, which seems to appear more and more in recent films, the BlackBerry is a device that you can’t shy away from when you’re watching a movie, whether it’s a chick flick or the latest bad-boy action thriller. One film that saw various sightings of the BlackBerry was Sex And The City 2, released 2010. The BlackBerry 8700 is used by frantic lawyer Miranda, whilst Carrie sports a pink diamanté-encrusted device, similar to the one used in the previous film. Whilst other characters such as Charlotte are seen using various iPhones, Mr Big clearly takes a call from Carrie on his BlackBerry Bold 9000.

HTC Thunderbolt - Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn
Amongst all the on-screen teenage romance and vampire escapades, the Twilight Saga is also key in showing off a phone or two. The protagonist, Bella, shows off her HTC Thunderbolt, one of the few HTC devices which are spotted in movies, in Part 1 of Breaking Dawn. The phone was the first 4G phone to be released in the US, is a variant on the HTC Desire HD.

Get Smart shoe phone
Get Smart, the comic parody of the 1960s TV series takes mobile phone gadgetry to the next level with its use of a shoe phone. Like Samsung’s bespoke handset which featured in Oceans 13, the show phone used in Get Smart is hardly the most realistic piece of tech that we’ll be seeing hit our shelves any time soon, though, surprisingly, it’s a device that does actually exist… Earlier this year, designers unveiled the shoe phone as a concept, with a basic mobile phone being embedded into the sole of the shoe. The designer has demonstrated how the contraption can alert the user to an incoming call or text message with vibrations felt though the shoe. 
So it might not catch on, and it could well be considered a step too far (excuse the pun), but it seems that not all wild and wonderful gadgets bandied about in movies all have to be fictional… 

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