Sunday, February 10, 2013

Baby Born On Plane Is Named After Airline

A premature baby boy who was born on-board during a flight from Penang to Kuching in October 2009, has been named after the airline Air Asia. Mid-flight expectant mother Liew Siaw Hsia give birth at 2,000 feet with the help of a doctor who was handily on-board and the plane was diverted to Kuala Lumpur.

Air Asia later decided to reward mom - who hadn't been due for another 11 weeks - and her baby by offering them both free flights for life. The then 31-year-old mother has returned the favour by naming her child after the airline. He is called Asia Liew Ya Hang - 'Ya Hang' means AirAsia in Mandarin.

Still, it could have been worse… if they had taken a different flight he could have been called Steve Virgin by now.

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