Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mums Lose A Month's Sleep In Baby's First Year

The typical new mom will lose 2.05 hours sleep a night throughout the first year of their baby’s life it's been found… that's the equivalent of an entire month. A study of 1,091 mothers across the UK found that 98% of mothers experienced ‘broken sleep’ throughout the first year of their baby’s life with the typical bay waking 3.9 times. When asked how long they were awake for whilst tending to their baby on each occasion, the study found that, on average, the respondents were awake for 31.6 minutes each time.

According to the study, prior to having children the respondents slept for an average of 7.8 hours a night. Therefore, if the average mother woke 3.9 times each night for 31.6 minutes at a time, they lost an average of 2.05 hours sleep a night. In the first year this means mothers lose 748.25 hours (or 31.8 days) of sleep a year through tending to their baby throughout the night.

However, despite this two fifths of mothers said that it ‘wasn’t as bad’ as they had predicted it to be when pregnant. A spokesperson for which conducted the study said: "To see that a whole month of sleep is lost per year by mothers really puts it in perspective! Having a baby can be a big shock to parents, not only due to lack of sleep but the cost and the shift of priorities. No matter how hard parents prepare and how much they research, no one can ever really predict how a baby will behave until it’s with you."

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