Sunday, February 10, 2013

Plane Taken Apart In Search For Lost Mobile

A passenger plane had to be partially dismantled before holiday makers could fly home from Spain… because of a lost mobile. Bosses insisted that the phone - which had been accidentally dropped into an air vent - was found before the Jet2 flight from Murcia to Newcastle was allowed to take off.

It took three hours for the phone to be discovered and this was only after part of the cockpit area and front row of seats had been taken apart. Staff say it was feared the phone could have interfered with computer systems on the plane - because it had been turned on by an exiting passenger just before they dropped it.

It is not known who the mystery phone-dropper was, but you can be sure they won't be rushing to check their text messages next time they fly. A spokesman for said whilst it was no doubt inconvenient for passengers, the airline wanted to make sure the phone was found and removed to ensure maximum safety.

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