Thursday, July 31, 2014

10 Amazing Edible Shot Glasses

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Many enjoy a good shot - Tequilas, Jager bombs, kamakazis and more - But have you ever enjoyed a delicious shot glass along with your shot? No, we're not crazy. We have discovered this delicious list of edible shot glasses that we think will compliment your drink well. Feast your eyes and lick your lips because this is going to be a mouth-watering ride.

1. Chocolate Shot Glass
This one jut had to be on the list. You cannot leave chocolate out of a list of savouries. But, chocolate and a good shot - that's got to be what heaven feels like!

2. Candy Cane Shot Glass
A festive special, this one, you can enjoy any season. Just down your shot and the candy cane is all yours.

3. Airheads Shot Glass
Made from a famous brand of taffy-like, chewy candy called Airheads, this shot glass is a bonus.

4. Ice Cream Cone Shot Glass
Make some ice cream cones, then fill it up with your favourite shot and your crunchy delight is ready to eat, erm....and drink.

5. Jelly Shot Glass
Jelly may be a kid's delight but why should they have all the fun? So get some of that jelly and use it as a shot glass.

6. Meat Shot Glass
This one's not our favourite but it just had to be on this list. For all the meat lovers out, there this must be a special treat.

7. Mojito Shot Glass
This may not be genius but sometimes it's easy to skip the obvious. A shot glass made of alcohol, a mojito, to be specific.

8. Strawberry Shot Glass
This was is an absolute delicacy. You could freeze a jel-o shot in it or have something more liquid. There's a lot of room to play.

9. Watermelon Shot Glass
Great for the summers, a watermelon shot, you can just prop it whole in your mouth.

10. Cookie Shot Glass
How about a cookie shot glass? If you're not feeling like an intoxicant, you can just fill it up with some milk.

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