Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Abu Dhabi Airport's Sleeping Pods

We had a dream stop-over in Abu Dhabi!
Airport unveils cocoon-like sleep pods where you can nap for £8 an hour

 * Ten pods have been installed at Abu Dhabi International Airport

 * Pods boasts wifi and power points to charge electronic equipment

Pod night's sleep? Weary travellers looking to catch up on their 40 winks at Abu Dhabi airport can now take to these futuristic-looking sleep pods
Whether you are suffering from jetlag or hope to make the long wait for your next flight a dream, a pod-nap could be the answer to your bed-time prayers. Travellers and tourists finding themselves stuck in the departure lounge at Abu Dhabi International Airport are now able to catch up on some shut-eye in a futuristic-looking 'sleeping pod'. Unveiled this week, the 'GoSleep' pod offers time away from noise, light and crowds of the airport and only costs £8 for one hour's alone-time.

The 'GoSleep' feature a partial or fully enclosed sliding shade where customers can sit comfortably and enjoy a peaceful moment alone, or take a nap while entirely cocooned inside the pod. Ten pods have been installed at Abu Dhabi International Airport with a further 35 on order for later this year.

The airport's pods boasts wifi internet access, along with power points to charge electronic equipment. Mohammed Al Bulooki, chief commercial officer at Abu Dhabi Airports Company, said: ‘The introduction of 'GoSleep' sleeping pods is another step towards exceeding customers' expectations and delivering world-class levels of service.

Shut-eye shut in: The chair converts into a private flat bed and only costs £8 an hour for those in need of a nap
‘Abu Dhabi Airports Company is proud that it is the first airport in the world to have secured an agreement to install the very latest passenger experience that embraces the latest technology. The installment of these innovative new convertible chairs highlights ADAC's commitment to using the latest technologies to improve airport facilities, ensuring that passengers have the best experience whilst visiting Abu Dhabi International Airport.’

Abu Dhabi International Airport  is one of the fastest growing airports in the world, currently undergoing a $6.8 billion facelift in the hopes that it will be able to compete with nearby Dubai airport. 'Pod-style' sleeping arrangements at busy airport terminals are by no means a new invention, and many international airports, including London's Heathrow, offer sleeping pods which can be rented by the hour for busy travellers on the go.

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