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Best Fictional Weapons

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Posted : May 2011
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First of all, a quick disclaimer: I am not glamorizing nor glorifying weapons, violence, or related topics. Ok, now that that’s out of the way…we’ve all watched some action movie, TV show, or played a video game and thought that the hero (or villain) had a badass weapon. But what are the best of these fictional weapons? Well, here’s a list of some of the best of the best – the completely fake weapons we’ve all wished we could have at least once.

The Glaive (Krull)
And we start with a look back at 1983. We can save the debate about the quality of the film Krull for another time (it’s awesome, end of debate), but I think it’s fair to say that anybody that saw the movie, wanted the Glaive. A star-shaped weapon with blades from all the points that could be thrown and mentally recalled and moved by the owner? I’ll take two please.

Dagger of Time (Prince of Persia)
I’m referring more to the video game series than the film here. While as an actual weapon the Dagger of Time was mediocre at best, the ability to turn back time and fix your mistakes (like say missing a jump) was priceless. It instantly makes any other weapon you’re carrying that much more effective.

Captain America’s Shield (Captain America)
I’m only putting this one lower on the list because it’s as much a defensive item as it is a weapon. Sorry, we’re all about offense here at DBS. That being said, Cap’s shield is iconic and nobody that’s ever read a Captain America comic hasn’t tried to at least throw a paper plate and bounce it off a few walls.

Phaser (Star Trek)
While they’ve certainly evolved through the years, in the end, having a weapon that can either stun or kill is hella handy, and would probably do law enforcement officials some good if they actually existed.

Proton Pack (Ghostbusters)
There were several lessons we learned thanks to the Ghostbusters films. First, when someone asks if you’re a god, you say yes. Second, never cross the streams. Third, proton packs are awesome.

Lancer (Gears of War)
In their day and age, bayonets were a reasonable attachment to the front of a firearm. While they’ve become less popular in more modern times, thanks to the magic of video games, we can still slap a sharp object onto the front of our weapons for when the fighting gets thick. Of course, in Gears of War, instead of attaching knife to the front of the gun, they attached a FRIGGIN’ CHAINSAW.

Identity Disc (Tron series)
The first Tron film gave us a hint of how awesome the Identity Discs could be, but it wasn’t until Tron: Legacy that we got to see what they were really capable of, in part thanks to better special effects.

Wolverine’s Claws (X-Men)
There’s not a person alive that’s seen an X-Men film, read a comic with Wolverine, or even see a picture of him that hasn’t wanted to have Logan’s adamanium laced claws for at least one second. They’re a great weapons since they’re easy to conceal, can cut through just about anything, and are sorta impossible to take away from him. Also, the intimidation factor of popping out 12″ metal claws is pretty high up there.

BFG 9000 (Doom)
Ah the Big F*ckin’ Gun (9000). It was the end all be all weapon of the Doom series. Capable of killing nearly any enemy in the game in a single shot it was the great equalizer of the video game as you were completely outnumbered by hell-spawn that were bent on killing you in a series of violent and painful ways.

Lightsaber (Star Wars series)
Since the release of the A New Hope back in 1977 every child has and adult has desired a lightsaber. Blue, green, purple, or red; single bladed or a staff like Darth Maul, at a certain point we didn’t care so long as we got one. Reminiscent of a bygone era and futuristic all at once with its combination of laser technology and a simple sword, it’s the perfect fictional weapon and one that is sure to be in high demand if anybody could actually invent one.

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