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They Actually Made These Vehicles

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Posted : April 2014
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Automakers spend massive amounts of money on research and development to produce their latest vehicles. But this doesn't mean they get it right every time as every now and then, car makers come out with some seriously ugly cars. We are going to show you a number of them, which have been made by some of the most respected names in motoring.

Porsche 914
It was a product of the joint effort between Volkswagen and Porsche. The 914 was a mid-engine roadster introduced in 1969. It came with a number of engines all of which had horizontally opposed cylinders.

BMW E46 Compact
Believe it or not BMW actually made this car. Brought out to replace the E36 variant, the E46 Compact looked very different from the rest of the model line up. It wasn't a bad car but would have been even better had BMW not messed with the already perfect styling of the regular E46.

Chrysler PT Cruiser
The American automaker introduced the PT Cruiser in the year 2000 as a throwback vehicle meant to incorporate retro styling with modern technology. Despite having one of the worst looking front fascias of any car, Chrysler managed to sell 1.35 million PT Cruisers worldwide.

Fiat Multipla
It's proof that even Italians make ugly cars. Based on the Brava, the Fiat Multipla was a practical compact MPV. It had a wheelbase of 2,666mm and a kerb weight of 1490kg. Despite the practicality that it offers, this is one vehicle you never want to be seen in.

Aston Martin Lagonda
Yes, Aston Martin actually made this car. It was a four door luxury sedan produced between 1974 to 1990. the car was made to help restore some cash flow during Aston's financial troubles at that time. Designed by someone who only had a pencil and a ruler, the Lagonda is still considered one of the ugliest cars ever made. As ridiculous as this may sound, Aston managed to shift 645 of them.

Citroen 2CV
Make no mistake, the 2CV was an important car for its time. It came with advanced and innovative technologies and sported aircraft inspired bodywork. It received rave reviews by automotive publications around the world and was considered one of the most significant cars since the Ford Model T. That being said, it never was a very nice car to look at regardless of angle.

Austin Allegro
Built during a time when British Leyland was on its last leg, the Allegro was the replacement for the Austin 1000 and 1300. Unimaginative looks and poor build quality made it a very unappealing car. It came with a range of engines from a 1.0-litre to a 1.7-litre and the entire car weighed just 869 kg.

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