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World's Best Airlines, Flight Attendants In 2013

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Posted : July 2013
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Where are the friendliest, most helpful and efficient flight attendants in the world found last year? Overwhelmingly on Asian airlines, according to passengers from 160 countries, who completed 18 million customer satisfaction ratings of their favorite airline cabin crew. Here are the the 10 best in 2013.
WHERE ARE THE friendliest, most helpful and efficient flight attendants in the world found? Can you guess by the uniform above? Although Malaysia Airlines took the title in 2012, this year they were displaced by the flagship carrier of Hong Kong. Click on to see the 10 best cabin crews in the sky.

1. Cathay Pacific Airways (Hong Kong)

Said one enthusiastic passenger: "HKG to LAX! The flight attendants were really nice and do the best at what they do! The seat was very comfortable and the recline was great, the staff did things before I even asked and was able to give me more ice cream. The food was very tasty, but they should have a dinner added on that flight. The IFE had a wide variety of movies and TV shows, and kept me entertained! I hope to fly Cathay again and they have kept the same which is great!"

2. Asiana Airlines (South Korea)
Said one enthusiastic passenger: "I am a frequent traveller, and can honestly say that my return Asiana flight LHR - Incheon was one of the best I have experienced. The cabin crew were wonderfully pleasant (despite language limitations) and incredibly hard working, nothing appeared to be too much trouble for them and they genuinely gave the impression that the passengers' comfort was their priority. I wouldn't hesitate to fly with Asiana again."

3. Malaysia Airlines (Malaysia)
Said one enthusiastic passenger: "Paris to Kuala Lumpur on A380 with brand new first class seats. First class cabin may look too red in photos but is actually very easy on the eyes, comforting, and relaxing. The cabin crew was top notch as always throughout the flight. One thing about MAS cabin crew is that they really have an intuition for hospitality. They knew when I needed a blanket, when I needed an extra pillow and when I needed a bowl of noodle in the middle of the flight when everyone else was sleeping. Was also given a tour of the whole cabin. Seats were really huge and comfortable, no doubt. Entertainment menu was surprisingly vast. But they do need an interface update. It didn't feel premium. The dining experience was wow, although the main course was not as good as the catering in Kuala Lumpur (common problem). I really have to say that that was the best flight I have ever been on. Just as expected from a 5-star airline." 

4. EVA Air (Taiwan)
Said one enthusiastic passenger: "The food and service was outstanding, staff delightful and polite. I think EVA's service is their strong point. Their weak point would be their seats which could double as a chiropractic device from the Middle Ages. As a 6" tall man, in the seated position, the seat was perfect. However putting the seat into sleep mode brought the dreaded "night slips" where one has the sensation of sliding down the seat. To compensate for this rather unpleasant sensation, the cradle position of the seat is much more comfortable. The toilets were spotless. Taipei to Toronto the staff were exceptional."

5. Singapore Airlines (Singapore)
Said one enthusiastic passenger: "CN-SIN, SIN-TPE. It was a superb journey with SQ. Excellent inflight entertainment, authentic service by SQ staffs, and well-decorated cabin. I can say it was the one of my top 3 flights I have enjoyed so far. Highly recommended!"

6. ANA All Nippon Airways (Japan)
Said one enthusiastic passenger: "HND-CTS-HND nice to still be able to fly domestic 747s in Japan (JAL have grounded their fleet). Outbound was operated by "Picachu Dreaming", the all-yellow jumbo with Pokemon characters painted along the side with the eponymous Picachu on the tail. Interior also had Pokemon detail (eg headrests, curtains). Very charming. Service was a hot green tea. Aircraft mostly empty. Crew profusely apologetic about substituting the promised 787 with the jumbo but I don't see why it made a difference. Return to the capital on another 747 in the evening was equally nice, had a seat in Economy upstairs. Flight attendant asked me what I was doing in Sapporo, when I said it was to do with aviation and that I chose Nippon as I love the jumbo, she went away and came back with a postcard of a 747 and on the back had written, thank you for flying with us today, signed by half a dozen crew, with a Hello Kitty sticker attached! She also gave me a small bag of Nippon sweets and pens. Landed smoothly on time back at Haneda and parked next to Picachu Dreaming at the end of a great day."

7. Garuda Indonesia (Indonesia)
Said one enthusiastic passenger: " SYD-DPS. This airline just continues to get better every time I fly them. Check in perfect, visa on board very convenient. Qantas lounge at Sydney is a pleasant way to wait for flight. Easy boarding, cabin clean and almost empty in business cabin. Seat fantastic very comfortable in all positions. IFE entertained me for the whole 6.5 hour flight no problems. Noise cancelling headphones are not Bose, but they do help and make for a more comfortable flight. Champagne has been upgraded to billecart salmon and was excellent. Entree trio of salmon was excellent, chicken main was too spiced for me (I'm a chilli wimp tho). I would definitely recommend Garuda."

8. Qatar Airways (Qatar)
Said one enthusiastic passenger: "In January my wife and I traveled IAD-DOH-BKK, with a return PEK-DOH-IAD. I have been on many international flights in my life in Business Class and I have never been so well treated as by Qatar. We started our trip at IAD where Qatar uses Virgin Atlantic's lounge and we thought it was very nice. On QR’s 777-300ER, from the cotton pyjamas, to the fully flatbed seats with duvet covers, to the wonderful AVOD system with over 200 movies and premium audio selections, it was excellent. The food on all our flights was wonderful. The flight crews are from multiple countries, but their language skills were wonderful and their understanding of different country idioms seemed to be great. In Beijing Qatar uses China Airlines lounge which we thought was barely adequate and a long way from the departure gate. At DOH you ride a bus from your arriving flight to the appropriate terminal depending on what class you are flying. Sometimes this takes a while. The new airport should be much better when it opens later this year."

9. Hainan Airlines (China)
Said one enthusiastic passenger: " We had 2 hours to catch a connecting flight from Chengdu to Beijing to Seattle. We had to pick up our luggage at baggage claim in Beijing and then go to terminal 2 to get our prepaid ticket and check our bags and go through the detectors and get out to the correct gate. We probably would not have made it on time without the helpful Hainan Air attendant who walked with us through all of the afore mentioned stations and waited with us. With his help it took 1 hour and 20 minutes which gave us 40 minutes before take off and no stress. I will fly them on my next trip to Asia. "

10. Thai Airways (Thailand)
Said one enthusiastic passenger: "We have just returned from a trip to Thailand and Vietnam which involved 4 flights with Thai airways. The service was consistently excellent, friendly and efficient. The long haul flights (London-Bangkok) were particularly outstanding. They were very comfortable and the food choices are a great added touch. We visited Thailand and Cambodia last year for our honeymoon, which also involved a number of flights with Thai airways. We experienced the same high standard on each flight."

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