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10 Weird Ice Cream Flavors From Around The World

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Posted : May 2010
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Ever had an ice cream you didn’t enjoy? Obviously not, because ice cream just has to be the best food ever. But, this universal popularity also means a variety of different cultural, experimental or just plain weird flavors. Here we present 10 such blends from around the world.

1. Horse Meat
For various reasons, consumption of horse meat is a taboo for most people. However, when it comes to Japan, their food concepts are radically different. Well known for consumption of raw seafood as Sushis and Sashamis, the Japanese also savor a relatively unknown raw delicacy known as Basashi or raw horse meat. Now just imagine an ice cream not only flavored with a noble steed but with real chewy stallion chunks inside. I can hear my stomach rumbling.

2. Hot Ice Cream
The delightfully named ‘Cold Sweat’ is claimed to be a concoction of some of the hottest peppers known to man. Anyone willing to try has to sign a waiver which, among many other stern warnings, mentions that “what is painful going in, may be painful upon exit”. A deadly dose can be sampled at Sunni Sky’s Homemade Ice cream, Angier, NC.

3. Condom
This one was perhaps an unintentional creation from a Korean manufacturer who just wanted to sell a fun ice cream for kids to suck on. Turns out that the swollen, latex coated thing which comes out of the cute turtle wrapper might not be the right shape for a kid. And, for those of you who are curious, the flavor is regular chocolate.

4. Squid Ink
The amazing Japanese inventory of seafood flavored ice creams has an array of superstars like Fish, Octopus, Crab, Shrimp, Eel and Whale but this cold black thing just takes the biscuit.

5. Foie Gras
From the ultra luxurious French ice cream specialists Phillippe Faur. Foie Gras is the liver of a duck or goose fattened by force feeding. This decadent dessert with a ‘mineraly’ kick will set you back by around $150.

6. The Sex Pistol
Although it can be found in different varieties around the world, London based “Icecreamists” have claimed to perfect the art of the Viagra ice cream. Their energizing treat contains a variety of mysterious aphrodisiacs such as Ginkgo, Biloba, Arginine, Guaranaans and is served with a shot of La Fee Absinthe. So even if you are in fine working condition, you might want to try this blend just for the awesome presentation.

7. Garlic
Gilroy, California calls itself the garlic capital of the word and legend is that you can smell the town before you get there. Well this might also be true for the Garlic ice cream which is a popular attraction at the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival.  Despite the weirdness, this flavor actually has a good reputation.

8. Blue Cheese
This smelly, moldy and repulsive ice cream is actually quite popular, with the Blue Stilton variety being frequently encountered in recipes. Although “Seriously Stilton” is only 25% Stilton, it strongly retains the “strictly acquired taste” tag.

9. Ammonia Nastiness
This highly localized delicacy is made from Salty Licorice, a snack not generally known outside northern Europe. The ice cream has substantial amounts of Ammonia, which can rampage through your sinuses and cause nausea.

10. Pit Viper
Japanese innovation knows no limits and certainly runs wild when it comes to ice creams. By putting a poisonous reptile into an ice cream tub, they have certainly raised the creativity bar to a whole new level. Food commando Andrew Zimmern tried this vile milk-snake mash and compared the taste with “bile”. Although on the positive side, the Pit Viper is believed by the Japanese to have aphrodisiac powers.

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